Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ten Minutes

I’ve subscribed to a daily email called “Daily Writing Tips.”  One of the things they keep harping on is that one should make time to write something—ANYthing—every day.  The tip I received yesterday had me carrying a notebook with me everywhere I went and jotting down stuff while I waited in line at the grocery store or was stuck in traffic.  Okay…those are stupid ideas.  But I got to thinking that maybe the “write something every day” thing might be a good idea.  Surely I can carve out ten minutes a day to write something. 

This will be a challenge though.  It will be hard enough to find those ten minutes somewhere in my day.  But the real test will be to limit myself to those ten minutes.  Because once I sit down to write, it’s almost impossible for me to pry myself away from it until I have something I consider worth looking at.  Which is not to say it really IS worth looking at, but at least in my mind it is…

So, here is my first attempt.  And I’m going to sit down and write a ten-minute blurb for the next…well, however many days I can keep this going.  It ought to be interesting to see what kind of brain-droppings I can squeeze out of my head with this little exercise… 


  1. I'm confident you won't disappoint!

  2. Alright! This should be interesting.

  3. Let the creative juices flow.  Remeber Lisa, you don't have to be perfect :)

  4. On your calendar of things to do:  Lisa--write -- 10 to 12.  What the heck ... sometimes that's the only way I get time for me.  I put it on the calendar.