Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Not Getting Past Anything

Trump is driving us all so crazy, we don't know whether to shit or go blind.  Three weeks of Trump administration have been so outrageous that there isn't a clear place to START trying to get rid of him.  And Congressional Republicans have suddenly completely capitulated to his will.  We all know they are a group of 1%-er assholes driven by greed and power-hunger.  But, honestly, I would have thought there were at least a handful who would hold out against this outrageous mess of a Chief Executive we are saddled with.  But...not so much.

And I'm still so angry at self-righteous progressives who continue to declare that Trump's victory was not THEIR fault.  Even Jill Stein, in an interview with Salon, spent a lot of time and energy polishing up her blamelessness in this fiasco.  I'm willing to concede that Trump is not Stein's fault; it was merely her existence that provided an outlet for holier-than-thou progressives who couldn't sully themselves by casting a vote for the more qualified and less deadly--by a factor of thousands--major party candidate.  Stein, her party, and her platform were not a choice.  They were a non-choice.  But the poisonous Bernie-backers STILL insist that if Sanders had been the candidate, he would have mopped the floor with Trump.    

Let's look at that for a moment, folks.  Bernie Sanders was only a Democrat when he decided to run for president. Prior to that, and again now, he was/is an independent. Purposely distanced from the Democratic party in order to keep his seat in a purple state. I get that. I like(d) Bernie Sanders. But I don't wonder why the DNC and the Democratic party at large was not all that willing to throw their support behind a candidate who only declared allegiance to the party when it suited his agenda.

Bernie wanted to avail his campaign of the financial and networking advantages, not to mention the national stage, associated with the Democratic Party. I get that, too. But to all the folks who are still insisting that Bernie was the second coming and he would have beaten Trump...I have to ask: Why didn't he run as an independent? If he would have taken out Trump so handily, he should have been able to do so whether backed by the Democrats or not. We'll never know, because he didn't give it a shot. That's on HIM, not on the Democrats.

So shut the fuck up, already.  We have enough problems without you and your weak "I told you so's."

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