Thursday, February 16, 2017

Voter Fraud

Editorial cartoon by John Branch, 2015.  I hope he doesn't sue me. 

And then there are SCROTUS' "poor loser" declarations of widespread voter fraud costing him the popular vote victory.  We know SCROTUS is our "five-year-old-in-chief."  We saw demonstrations of that aspect of his personality often enough during the campaign.  It seemed to have a particular appeal to white male members of the Republican base, the ones who whine, "Unfair!"  "Cheaters!" whenever their privilege is infringed upon; and   "Nya nya nya nyaaa nya!"  "Losers!" when that same privilege hands them a win. 
But I'm inclined to believe that Trump's voter fraud allegations have less to do with his kindergarten level of impulse control, and more to do with a smoke-filled-room collusion between himself and Republican legislators.  My guess is that he made a pact to provide fuel for future voter-suppression measures, in exchange for...what?  Maybe Republicans studiously sitting on their hands any time SCROTUS flagrantly defies his Constitutional restraints?  Or takes favors from foreign governments once considered enemies of the American state?
If you really want to get steamed about "voter fraud," read this post by a friend, about her experience in a voting booth in New Jersey on Election Day 2016. 
It should give you a pretty good idea of what form voter fraud might have taken last November. 

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