Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hope is the Thing with Feathers...

I'm away from home for a few days, getting some production done at our building in Junction City.

This leaves the husband manning the home front...always a scary proposition.

When he told me what he ate for dinner last night, I nearly gagged.  Fried rice, kung pao chicken and some leftover baked chicken breast, mixed together and topped with the last of the arrabiata (tomato and spicy pepper) pasta sauce I made last week.  O. M. G.

And this afternoon, he was on a mission from God, the attitude he always takes when he tackles a project when I'm away from home.  He was cleaning out the garage in preparation for accommodations for the small canine animal that will be arriving this weekend.  I can't wait to get home and see what all (of MINE) he threw away.

But about 7:30 this evening, my phone beeped the "Matt text" beep...  And I looked down to see this:

...with the message: 
"Burdz.  Six of them..."
It's a pretty bad cel phone picture of the hummingbird feeder outside our family room window, with at least four birds on it that I can see, and maybe a couple more hovering around, waiting their turn.   

Does the husband really care about hummingbirds?

No...  But he knows I do. 

I was oddly touched by this small reminder that he was thinking of me.

I don't know. 

Maybe we've turned a corner or something... 

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