Wednesday, March 22, 2017

No Surprise

I don't watch Fox News.  I don't watch The 700 Club.  I don't listen to Rush Limbaugh, or Glen Beck, or talk radio of any kind.  If I do, by accident, somehow subject myself to as much as fifteen seconds of any of this batshit right-wing hateful  hysteria,  I'm almost immediately ready to jump out a window.
The down side of this is, since I make it a point NOT to look at or listen to this stuff, I have no idea how bad it actually IS.  And this is what caused me to be so utterly blindsided by the crazy rise of candidate Trump.   And subsequently speechless in disbelief when he actually won the presidential election. 
But the following video showed up on my Facebook News feed the other day. 

Watch it.  All of it, if you think you can stand it.  I did.

Now.  Having seen this 6-minute stream of lies, inane accusations, screaming hatred and manufactured crises, you will have to ask yourself:
Why would anyone who watches this stuff day after day NOT choose Trump?  He's the pure personification of all the ugliness, violence and unmasked hatred recorded in these film clips and sound bites. 
This stuff had been going on for eight years.  Since long before running for office was even a foggy spark in Trump's twisted brain.   
Trump is not the cause of our nation's descent into bedlam. 
He's the result. 
My questions are these:  How do we save people who will watch and believe this putrid garbage? we really want to?

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  1. I think way too many have no concern for what is good for America as a whole any more. Everyone is about their own agenda. They drag politics into places it doesn't belong. It is a mess like I thought I'd never see in my lifetime.
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