Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Age:  15 ½ weeks

Height:: 15 ½ inches at the shoulder

Weight: 21 lbs (on her way to 40-45lbs, according to the vet at last night’s visit)

Eats: 2 cups of puppy kibbles plus two cans of Beneful “Medleys” per day;

Favorite food:  Anything she can put in her mouth that we DON’T give her.

Commands she knows:  Come here; NO!; Drop; NO!; Sit; NO!; Go in your box; NO!; Get in the Kitchen; NO!; Get Out of the Garden; NO!; Let’s go in the house; NO!

Percentage of time she actually obeys commands:  Roughly 50.5%

Favorite toy:  Bumble!

Nicknames:  Jo-boo.  Jo-jo-bee.  Joelzebub.  

Today’s Story:  Took the dog out into the yard for a photo shoot for this post.  Got some decent pictures…then it was time to go in.  And, of course, this was one of those times when “Let’s go in the house” meant, “Stay as far away from me as you can get.”  Took me five minutes of cajoling to get her to come near me.

Once in the house, I wanted to get a picture of her with Bumble.  I still had my telephoto on my camera, so I needed her to be some distance from me in order to get a clear picture.  So of course she glued herself to my feet and followed me around like she was sewn to my shoes. 


  1. oh, this is gonna be a good dog! 😉 What is she? A Blue Heeler?
    Visit me @ Life & Faith in Caneyhead. 😉

    1. She is 3/4 Aussie shepherd and 1/4 sheltie. ❤️❤️