Wednesday, November 17, 2004

How Can We Be Silent?

I noticed a lot of people read my last entry, but not too many people commented on it.  I feel like I've broken some kind of rule.  Everybody is sick of the divisiveness caused by the election.  Believe me, I tuned out of the election rhetoric weeks before the actual event.  I couldn't stand the constant sniping and negativity swirling over the airwaves, either.  But the horror of the Iraq war did not abate on the morning of November 3rd.  It keeps on going, from bad to worse to unbelievable.  How can we, in good conscience, shove this abomination to the backs of our minds, in the name of restoring unity in this country?

What really frightens me is that, as the situation in Iraq deteriorates, it seems to have the effect of convincing people that Mr. Bush was justified in invading.  People are adopting the attitude that the factions in Iraq are so lawless and bloodthirsty, that we needed to go in there and show them how civilized people behave.  And how IS that, exactly?  Like the soldiers at Abu Graib?  Like the marine who murdered a wounded enemy in cold blood?  Are we naive enough to think these are isolated incidents?  The flow of information out of Iraq is being tightly controlled.  If news of these "few" atrocities performed by American forces has leaked through the information blockade, how much more of this must really be going on?

I hate that the American military can no longer even pretend to be the good guys.  I hate that we can no longer claim the moral high ground among nations.  Most of all, I hate that the man on the American street has developed such a lust for violence and vengeance, that he no longer cares that we have lowered ourselves to, or below, the level of the most contemptuous of our enemies.  Who cares what we do, as long as we win?  As long as we can pay back some of our 9/11 anguish?   

And we're supposed to shut up about this.  In the name of unity.  It's all I can do not to stand in the streets and scream at the top of my lungs... 


  1. Hey -- I didn't say to shut up.  I just raised the possibility of a different look at this thing.  And I'm not going to hold Bush at al. personally responsible for the murderous actions of others.  But I cetainly hope you keep writing with all your usual vigor and passion. If people insist on smoothing things over in the name of some false idea of unity, we will never get this mess sorted out.

  2. Please don't stop writing about the real issues.  Sometimes I hate coming to your journal because the truth is here...but I come because I know you tell the truth....even when its ugly as it often is these days.  Sometimes I love coming to your journal because you refresh my will to do battle with these right wing conformists to the war...Its good that you are so strong because some of us have trouble staying strong.  We need people like you so that we don't forget what is really at stake.

  3. hi lisa

    i always read your entries, i just limit my comments to your non-political entries. as you know, i don't agree with your political views; and since it's YOUR journal (not a message board), i refrain from commenting as it feels rude to me - kind of argumentative.

    your journal - your viewpoints. if i want to share MY views, i should start my OWN journal!

  4. Today I had lunch with a co-worker who is very pro-Bush and in agreement that we needed (had no choice) but to invade Iraq to keep this world safe.  I think he is illogical and poked holes in his arguments...but I am just defeated knowing that he feels I am Un-American.  So I just stopped and began taking about our favorite subject, what a big bag of wind our new boss is.  Its all rhetoric that just divides us.  What we have in store for us in the future is not something I will relish saying "I told you so"

  5. Start screaming Lisa...I'll be right out there with you.

  6. Lisa, you have every right to express your views.  You always speak your truth with honesty.  I happen to agree with most of your comments on Iraq.  What really sickens me, is the absolute lack of horror and despair for the innocent people that are dying over there.  

    In the UK, the media coverage of those captives that have been murdered, far outweighed coverage for innocent civilians that in truth, have also been murdered.  

    This whole thing is an abomination that is based upon lies.  And those of us who are opposed, should be shouting and screaming.  You and I are seperated by thousands of miles and one big pond, but the two of us exercise one thing that we are entitled to.  Free speech!  

    And those that try to silence us by calling us 'un-American/un-British' are simply violating our human rights.  

  7. It's too bad Kerry couldn't have used a variation of Clinton's quote from '92." Are you safer than you were four years ago?" There was a great cartoon in the paper this morning. It showed Uncle Sam uprooting a dandelion labeled "Faluja". In the meantime little seeds were drifting off on the wind.......... Some of the best commentary is on the cartoon page.

  8. It's all so sad. But, I also feel manipulated by the media which I'm tired of just as much as being manipulated by Bush.

    I feel anger at the violence coming from both sides but also wonder what war does to soldiers. What was going through a 20 year old's mind to do such a thing? There's talk that he had witnessed a buddy the day before be blown up by a booby trapped body. I wonder what we are doing to the psyches of these young men. Will they be the mentally unstable homeless wandering our streets 5 or 10 years from now?

    But, we should never be quiet. It's a tragedy all around. :-( ---Robbie

  9. There is a wonderful column in our paper yesterday that parallels krobbie's comments -- how can we send young people out to kill, train them to recognize that any injured enemy personnel might be strapped to a bomb, know that they will be sht and that they will watch their friends be killed and then accuse them of atrocities when they shoot?

    I don't see how the young man's actions even come close to those of the prison guards, who were completely in control of a secure facility and had no business humiliating, harrassing, or physically harming prisoners.  He was in a combat situation in a place where combatants use mosques, civilians, and injured soldiers as places and means of attack.  I think he was doing what he thought he needed to do.

    I also, think, however, that we put him in that situation, by not following that basic maxim before we got in there: Know your enemy.

  10. Lisa-
    The brutal, unnecessary murder of Ms. Hussan was disgusting. Another human life lost at the hands of barbarians. When will Bush wake the hell up? Probably not ever. I hate to say this, but it's true; things always get worse before they get better.

    Thank you again for your great journal entries.


  11.  No we are not suppose to be quite about this. But I for one never look for fault with "us" first. The guy killed in the mosque was not in a  uniform and was not supposed to be fight from a mosque. They are breaking the rules of war. And we take the blame?  They fight from the mosque on purpose because they know our policies.

  12. I had an odd heated exchange with my hairdresser yesterday about the war in Iraq. She said the Iraqi people are lord.