Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Now, I've Heard Everything...

From a letter to the editor of the Oregonian, June 13, 2005:

"The president went into the war without a clear plan and with lousy intelligence. He never would have given the go-ahead if he had known the terrible complications and loss of life. George W. Bush? Probably. Abraham Lincoln? Absolutely!

"Most of the country did not support Lincoln’s war, especially when the death toll rose to the hundreds of thousands (620,000). Nothing went as Lincoln had hoped or planned.

Today, a grateful nation praises him for a war that freed the slaves and saved the union. At the time, he was savagely attacked…"

A hundred years from now, people will be standing in front of the George W. Bush Memorial, on the mall in Washington D.C.--a clever design featuring a vaguely pyramidal openwork steel tower carved out of dark marble, with a fountain of thick, glistening black liquid continuously oozing from its top.  A fitting tribute to the first American president of the 21st century,who gloriously liberated the oil, I mean the people, of repressive Middle Eastern regimes.

Mr. Bush’s likeness will be chiseled into Mt. Rushmore. His ears alone will take ten years to craft.

Not a single mosque tower will spoil the orderly array of simple crosses adorning the roofs of public and private buildings in towns along the Tigris and the Nile. Towns with names like "Desert Bush" and "W-stan," in honor of that illustrious American emperor...um, president.

Since Mr. Bush’s birthday (July 6) falls so close to another major national holiday, perhaps we’ll simply tweak the 4th of July from Independence Day to "Nation-Building Day"…sort of a two-for-one, a la "President’s Day" in February.

Ah, the glory! Makes one shudder, that is, shiver, just to imagine it.


  1. If this comes true a hundred years from now, I'll be rolling over in my grave.
    :-) ---Robbie

  2. comparing Lincoln to Bush is like comparing Harvard to the Mansfield Beauty Academy

  3. If there is enough oil in 100 years to transport people to Washington D.C to see the monument.  Iraq will be dried up and all the people dead.  

    I hate Bush, he deserves nothing but scorn.  Complete greedy idiot.

  4. Hopefully, pigs will sprout wings before that happens.


  5. It won't happen ~ the passage of time has a way of granting the perspective that is so often lost in the propaganda and passions of the present.  That is the lesson to be taken from the Lincoln comparison.  

    History will expose Dubya and his Taliban of advisors for the enemies of democracy that they are ~ narrow-minded zealots intent on world domination and the spread of their own particular brand of fundamental christianity, at the expense of all who stand in their way.  Including their own people, and the Constitution upon which the republic was founded.

    This emperor has no clothes.  

  6. I am glad to see a humorous slant to this scary situation

  7. I don't think history is going to be very kind to GWB.  Historians are already trying to decide where he falls in the ranks of worst president ever...

  8. Just what America needs....Alfred E. Neuman on a giant rock.........

    You know you could make that monument up in minature and sell it LOL.....

  9. Now that's just plain scary! ~ Lori