Monday, December 26, 2005

More Christmas pix..



  1. Is that Chewie in the background? She looks like she's smiling. Actually she's got that "I know something you don't know." Maybe she saw Santa.


  2. Now that's what I call a Christmas's spectacular.  Pic of kitty under the tree looks like a Christmas card.  Thanks for letting us take a peek, Lisa.

  3. Your picts aren't showing up. Bummer!!!
    I hope you had a nice Christmas.
    Michelle :)

  4. First your lovely house all aglow with what looked like snow in the yard (if I'm not mistaken) and then a glittery tree with silvery kitty; truly a gift for someone pining away here in the desert for a White Christmas!  Thank you.  I'm glad I checked in on you in time to find out about your new spot.  Warm wishes for lots of better things in 2006.  *debbi*