Monday, April 24, 2006

Ten Good Things Weekly--Week 6

Time once again for the "Ten Good Things Weekly." This is going to be a fast list, because I have a million things to do today. I have an event coming up this weekend, we have three different business opportunities that either we are pursuing or are pursuing us. So, I have to make this quick. And it might even BE quick, because I can readily recall some good things that happened over the last week, so I won’t have to do much dredging or embellishing.

Okay, here we go:

  2. I got the three most visible areas of my back yard weeded. Now we don’t look so much like an abandoned rental…
  3. We signed the papers for a GREAT BIG loan that will make us much more able to respond quickly if the right business opportunity comes up. Actually this scares the crap out of me, and it could just as easily be a terribly bad thing. But I’m going to "step out in faith" (a little clichĂ© dredged up from my Pentecostal days…) and declare it a good thing, in hopes that perception will equal reality.
  4. We had our first al fresco dining experience of the spring at our favorite local restaurant. This little cafĂ© is on a houseboat; it’s long on atmosphere, and slightly misses the mark when it comes to great food. But anything tastes special when sitting out on their deck over the waters of the channel on summer evenings.
  6. Finally got the husband to weed and feed the front lawn. Of course, there are so many weeds by now that the whole expanse will finally curl up and turn brown…
  7. See my previous entry about the scene of my emotional whipping last April coming up for sale…
  8. We really seem to be getting a handle on the business plan thing. It’s been an interesting process. I was convinced I did not have a clue about what I was doing. As I’ve waded further into it, I realize I am in possession of a great deal of knowledge about my chosen field, and I might just be able to make a go of this…
  9. I formulated a little plan for getting myself motivated on a daily basis. I sat down the other day and typed up "The List," upon which I put every item, big and small, that I want to accomplish in the next month. From "paint the bathroom" to "Scrub the dining room floor." That proved a bit overwhelming, though, and every morning I would just sit and look at the list, ticking off the things I couldn’t do because they were just too big for me to think about. Then I got the bright idea of making daily lists. Every morning, I type up a little list of eight or ten things that I need to/want to accomplish for the day. My first day, I ticked every item off the list. It was very motivational…I felt inordinately stoked at the end of the day, even though there was nothing earth-shaking on the list. Sometimes, you just have to be able to quantify your achievements, large or small…
  10. Did I mention that THE CAME OUT?

There it is. Now, I have to run and get dressed so I can take the dog for a walk in THE SUN.


  1. That's cheating mentioning the sun three times but on the other hand as I'm the type of person who gets depressed if there are two cloudy days in a row I guess I can understand. Stepping out on faith...scary yeah but something you have to do as a business owner I guess. It sounds like you've got a good idea what you want and are good at what you do so I'm sure it will work out fantastic in the end. Best wishes :)..oh...and yeah you mentioned the sun came out and I'm glad it made you happy :)

  2. Sounds like your adventure of a lifetime is right around the corner! Good luck with finding the right one. So glad the sun came too!!

  3. The is a great icon. Ol Sunny looks a little squirrelly to me. Maybe it's the reflection of all the sun starved Oregonians looking up at it. The sun was even out all weekend here. Wind blew like a muther on Saturday though. Good luck on the business plan. I'm pulling for you.


  4. You may have a million things to do today, but you 'sound' like you can accomplish them all!  Have a happy week.  I have to catch up on last week and this week's Ten Good Things.  

  5. Amazing what a little sun will do to (for) us.  Go get 'em, Lisa.

  6.     When the sun shines, I feel like a different person.  Glad to hear that the  clouds parted for you.  Enjoy that great weather while it lasts.  Oh, and as for number three: Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  I'm willing to bet that it turns out to be a wonderful thing.  Tina

  7. Here comes the sun...da da da comes the sun. . . da da da da...Here comes the sun, I'll say...Here comes the sun...

  8. sunflowerkat321May 3, 2006 at 4:11 PM

    yea!!  The Sun!!!