Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Why I Hate Dentists (Today, Anyway...)

I went through a hideous month of dental crises earlier this year, where I had first one side of my face and then the other blow up like a balloon and threaten to explode with infection and pain (TMI, I know…) An extraction and a root canal later, I am mostly recovered from that trauma, and able to eat more comfortably than I have been in ages, since I can now chew reasonably well on both sides of my mouth (this was prevented for many years by a gigantic crater in a bottom molar.)

Of course, once you go in for emergency dental work, the dentist has to take stock of everything that is amiss with your mouth (which is plenty, in my case, since I hadn’t seen a dentist in an embarrassingly long time), and makes a series of appointments to start heading off all those various emergencies-waiting-to-happen.

This morning, I reported for my first post-root canal appointment, the one where we moved on to the next tooth on the agenda. "We" decided "we" needed to start a root canal on one of my front teeth. And right now, "we" are not too happy. I was on top of the world, not a twinge of pain to be found in my entire mouth—almost a miracle for me—when I got in the car this morning. And now, NOW as my upper lip and nose recover from the massive novocaine bolus, I’m sneezing, my nose is streaming, my lips feel like they are not connected to my face, and the spot where he drove in the anaesthetic into my face hurts like hell. Is there such a thing as a black nose (kind of like a black eye, only lower and more centrally located….)? Because that’s what I feel like I have.

This is a new twist on my dental experience. Instead of crawling into the dentist’s office in dire pain, begging for relief, I crawl out of the office in that condition. Not exactly how I wanted to spend the day…


  1. Oh Lisa....I can't believe you didn't know this was going to happen when you walked IN!!  This is not the kind of bomb to drop on anyone.  I'm so sorry...I've had a root canal recently...I feel your pain.


  2. i have a serious problem with MY dentist ... he continues to create a false impression.

  3. Ouch. I hope You feel better tomorrow.


  4. well we are all part o the molar universe !  lol  seen many a fine strapping hunk reduced tae a quivering mess in a dentists waiting room ! lol  what power dentists have! oer here we value  guid dentist like rocking horse brains! but we need them  ! trying tae tell our 14 year old daughter the values o guid dental hygiene  but tae nae effect. why should she listen ? after all at 14 ye are infallible !  lol
    i always say just wait until ye get the first needle lass!  baleful stare back !  lol
    wont mouth off any more !
    suppose your appointment was at 2:  30?  ( tooth hurty?) groans  lol