Thursday, January 11, 2007

Political Pimping...

I hate to admt it, but my travails at the cafe have so taken over my life that I am nearly clueless about all things poltical.  I didn't watch/hear Fearless Leader's speech last night.  Maybe I just wanted to keep my dinner down...

But Andrea tuned in to Mr. Bush's little show.  And she has this to say about that:  Our Options Are Closed Andrea is a smart lady, a talented writer, and she just happens to hail from (almost) my old stomping grounds--the great state of Illinois. And I am trying to bring her on as part of an ensemble bog I'm hoping to pull together (a blog of women's insights written for insightful women...anyone want to join?) 

Please go read her thoughts.  I couldn't have said it better myself.


  1. Thank you for sharing Andrea's entry. I agree on both counts. We have our hands tied now (no thanks to "W" and his not so brilliant ideas) and very well said.

  2. Lisa,
    I have a question, this may sounds naive but it was a huge discussion between my husband and myself last night.
    When the government was set up we were given different branches so not one person had ultimate control.
    How can the president send all these troops over without the consent of the congress and senate? All I have seen on the news all day are sentaors and congressmen on the tv saying how against this they are. Why can't it be stopped? Why is this joke of a president having all the control??  

    Michelle :)

  3. Michelle:

    I'm afraid that once Congress swallowed the Bush Administration's pack of lies back in 2003 about Sadaam having WMD, and gave the President permission to "use force if necessary," they pretty much handed him the keys to the Hum-vee.  Congress could probably stop the Bush juggernaut if it wanted to, but the Democrats "control"  Congress by a very slim margin.  Most Republicans still back the President, and the Democrats are still afraid to take a strong stance against the war because they're afraid they'll be branded "weak," or "chicken," or whatever word the Republican lie machine is using this week, and they will lose the voters that gave them that slim margin.  

    In short, our Congress is one huge, useless, spineless mess.  And the president has the power to do a lot of damage if the Congress is too weak to stop him.  :(

    Lisa  :-]

  4. Thanks, sweetie.  I don't FEEL talented -just frustrated.  But you know I'm happy to help with the ensemble blog.  I'm going to be in India for a few weeks, starting Sunday, so maybe I'll have something  brilliant to say after that.  it COULD happen -maybe.....

  5. I didn't catch the speech either. Pretty much the same reason. I could probably write it anyway. From what I picked up in the paper today, he still didn't really cop to screwing up, just "if mistakes were made, it's my responsibility." IF mistakes were made. I did catch a couple of retired generals explaining why they didn't think the "surge" will work. My oh my.


  6. I skipped the speech.  I knew that it would not be anything I wanted to hear.  Apparently, most of the rest of the country didn't like what they heard anyway.

    I'll echo your it 2008 yet?????

  7. I wasn't as lucky as you.....I didn't get to keep my dinner down during that speech....good thing it was only jello!

  8. I'll check her out. I didn't watch the Fearless Leader either.  I just have such a low tolerance for frustration lately.