Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Reality Bites

I apologize to several people (you know who you are…) for pooping out on the interview. I have been stretching my neck, a la Curlin in last weekend’s race, towards the goal of an actual weekend off. Plans were made, way back in February, for three days of R & R over the Memorial Day weekend. And up until about thirty hours ago, those plans looked tantalizingly viable. "Ah," I thought. "I will have plenty of time to contemplate and communicate wonderful interview questions on my little vacation…!"

Alas! I should have known better than to count on being able to scrape myself away from my "dream come true," even for a few days. My flaky cook (who asked for part of this weekend off and was denied it) has contracted some dire mystery disease; and she has no idea when this illness will abate enough for her to come back to work. I suspect this will happen sometime around next Tuesday…

And so I am feeling extremely put-upon as I come face-to-face with a stark reality of my new life: Only under implausibly favorable stars can a small-business owner hope to finagle more than a couple of hours away from the "baby" that unwaveringly wails for attention.

And I am just soooo tired tonight….


  1. Lisa ... I know this sucks and since you are already so worn out from your 'dream come true' it's even tougher to take.  

    Spouse and I solved our problem of getting time off from our own 'dream come true' (twenty years of this crap now) by either taking separate vacations -- I kid you not -- or closing up shop for three or four days over the Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day holidays.  

    It's tough to close down, but with enough warning -- postings in the shop and on the door, etc -- regular clientel knows ahead of time and will be back once the door is open again.  I know your business is a tough one to contemplate closing for any amount of time, especially because your 'new'.

    Hang in.  Hang tough.  You'll figure it out or find a way.

  2. Oh, Lisa, I am sorry.  I think that you have to schedule those kinds of holidays away on weekends that aren't official holidays.

    I am sure you cook will be much improved by Tuesday night.

  3. I know of two family businesses that shut down for a week at a time for a vacation break.  I believe at least one of them chooses August.  Same period of time every year.  Both give plenty of notice to the regulars and a sign on the door for those who have forgotten or are just popping by.

  4. Nuts. Sorry you may not make it to the coast. That really sucks. Especially since it was so hard to find a semi competant cook in the first place. Good luck.


  5. OH dear!  I'm sorry you have this change in schedule  -and won't get your much deserved break :(  Hang in there!