Friday, June 29, 2007

Wish Me Luck...

I have decided to terminate Mr. Hawaaian Shirt, should he surprise the hell out of me and actually show up for his shift this morning.

I was up most of the night wrestling with this decision. Just after my alarm went off, having achieved perhaps forty-five minutes of real sleep, I suddenly had a vision of this disaffected drug addict bursting through the doors of the restaurant with an assault rifle and taking out my plate glass windows, my espresso machine, me, and my six-months-pregnant little counter girl.

Of course, I know this will not happen. It is merely the deranged workings of a sleep-deprived mind.

A little positive energy sent in my direction would not be taken amiss...


  1. I'm so sorry he didn't work out.  I think you've made the right decision.  Positive vibes are streaming northward towards you from me.  Good luck.

  2. Sending hugs and prayers your way!

  3. Good luck. The candles are lit. And sheesh, the little beggers are heading north.


  4. Positive energy sent.

  5. firing employees in NEVER an easy thing, even when they deserve it.

    By the way, I tagged you for your spare time.

  6. Yep, me too, I'm sending positive vibes your way...


  7. You have my prayers, my energy and any energy I can access.  Firing people is one of the worst parts of being a business owner.

  8. Gosh, since I'm running behind and catching up here ... I wish I had the wisdom to deliver some great words of ... advice and support.  I'm here, hoping you let the man go with as little trouble as possible.

    Or better still, he redeemed himself.  Somehow.

  9. What happened??? Inquisitive minds want to know.