Monday, December 17, 2007

Another Goodbye

This made me so sad today:

Singer Dan Fogelberg Dies of Cancer at Age 56

A friend introduced me to Dan Fogelberg's music back in 1974.  He was one of two artists I've ever seen in concert multiple times (the other being John Denver--gone ten years, now.) 

Dan Fogelberg was only four years older than I am.  He hailed, as I did, from the cornfield quilted Land of Lincoln.  He sang of love and loss during the years I went through those very things.  He sang about the earth back when we all used to care about it. I feel like we grew up together. 

We never met, but he was part of my youth, part of my history as much as any friend or lover. Of course this is not a personal loss.  But, then again, it is

So much of my history has been swallowed up by death lately.

And it's really starting to piss me off... 


  1. I hadn't heard that Dan Fogelberg had died.  But, like you....his music is intertwined in my memories.  It is very sad news.

  2. Oh hell. This is news to me. I loved Dan Fogelberg and recently purchased a CD that had the first two albums on it! Oh damn, I loved that man in the '70's. This is very sad.

  3. Shoot, I loved Dan Fogelberg too, and this is the first I've heard of this.


  4. I've had years when the death toll takes its toll.  It's just not fair or just.

    Dan Fogelberg.  I pretty much said the same thing about growing up with him and being saddened by the loss of an icon of my youth (although he was only one year older than I) to the thirty-something year old reporter sitting at my desk today.  

    He did not get why I would be saddened (in a very healthy way) by his loss.  

    Just wait youngster.  Just wait.

  5. I watched a video of Dan on someone's journal  ~ sad to hear he had died at such a young age ~ Ally x