Saturday, January 12, 2008

Where's the Sun?

No one has to sell me on the concept of global climate change. I’ve seen the bizarre meteorological manifestations in the past few years, here in the US and all over the world. Just two days ago, a tornado laid waste a neighborhood in a town about thirty miles from here. A tornado. In the Pacific Northwest. In January.

This morning, another universal anomaly took place. I could swear that the earth has reneged on the solstice. Some great celestial thumb has come down on the cosmic "pause" button. Or maybe even "Rewind." The week before Christmas, I would arrive at work at 7:30 am in the twilight of a rising sun. This morning, it was pitch black when I got to work. What gives? Did the world somehow stall on its journey around the sun? Or start going the other way?

I’m crazy desperate for a sunny day. I need to go sit on a rock like a lizard and absorb the vitamin D. This malady afflicts me more and more as I grow older.

Two years ago, I wrote this poem on the solstice. It’s been in my mind lately…

Winter Solstice

hand raised in shield and salute
I’ve watched my retreating love
disappear southward
his warmth a mockery
his smile weak and distant
the cold of his absence
claims my world

each day sees a larger plot
of my heart in shadow and frost
as he grows smaller
and now the rain
has washed away
the consoling memory
of his wink and grin

someone tells me
he has turned
reconsidered his leaving…
tomorrow and tomorrow
will he be nearer?
will his closeness thaw my heart?
when will I know?


  1. Now that I live on the far east edge of my time zone, the days are shorter than I've ever experienced.  It's a hard time of year for a lot of us.  I can't imagine adding the  near constant pacific northwest gloom to the mix.

    It's so clear that global climate change IS happening.  I can't understand how anyone can refute something so obvious.  Everyone really needs to pull their heads out of the sand.

  2. Lisa, this is our third or fourth winter of totally whacky weather for us.  Cold one day, warm the next.  I've played golf in December and January here!  I love the sun and the warmth of summer, but I live in New England where winter, spring, summer and fall all take place -- except they don't any more.  The seasons sort of bump into each other and ride rough shod on each other.  

    We all need to do, not only as much as we can, but more to make things if not better, not get worse.

  3. The weather is so weird lately. I've noticed that how dark it is at sunrise or sunset kind of depends on how thick the cloud cover is. At least it's semi light when I get home from work. Hallelujiah.


  4. I sent you a little package of sun,,,it should arrive snail mail any day,,,,