Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Here's an Itty Bitty Band-aid...

I got my notice in yesterday’s mail. The little tear-along-the-dotted-line herald of the Bush Administration’s "Economic Stimulus Act of 2008." Seems I’m to receive $600, with which I am tacitly instructed to run right out and purchase a flat-screen TV. Oh, that’s right….TVs cost more than $600, don’t they? But GW wouldn’t know that. I imagine it’s been, well…maybe never. I imagine George W. Bush never purchased a television in his life.

Any more than George the First had bought a gallon of milk or a pound of ground beef at the local grocery store.

Economic Stimulus. Right. How about "Economic Boo-boo Kiss?"

Dad has ripped off my right arm and beaten the snot out of me with it. And as I lie on the carpet exsanguinating, Mom kneels beside me and coos, "Here, honey…let Mommy kiss the boo-boo…" 

At least, I think that's what she's saying.  She seems to be speaking in a foreign language.  It sounds like--Chinese...




  1. I read recently that he during an interview the journalist asked him what he thought about gas getting up to nearly $4 a gallon. Bush was shocked. He asked if it was really going to get that high. That he hadn't heard that. I thought for sure he knew exactly the kind of money him and his buddies were making.
    Out of touch a bit.

    Michelle :)

  2. Somedays I just want to scream.  We too got our notice.  Why bother?  Just send the friggin' check that you'll be asking me to reimburse you for next year.  And get it over with.  

  3. We got our notice too..but we get a little more....enough to buy that TV.

    Gonna buy food and Gas though, the big Urban mobile needs it.

  4. Hmmmm....and just what did they spend to print and mail the damn notices?


  5. Hmmmmmm, I haven't received my notice, but unlike Dubya, I have noticed that housing prices, food, gas, everything is skyrocketing...and it IS madness...

  6. I guess I'll buy a tank of gas with mine.

  7. Well it'll help buy gas for the commute.