Thursday, April 3, 2008

Personal Philosophy

I posted an entry in my private journal that contained a bit of my personal philosophy, which, after some thought, seemed appropriate to put in front of my public readers.

Anyone who does not have access to "Brainsurfing" but would like to read the whole story and weigh in on the question, just ask and access shall be granted unto you…

What I need is a little bit of feedback. I did something that I’m pretty sure is stupid, and I’m pretty sure is ultimately going to cost me, not only money, but faith in human nature (neither of which I possess in any appreciable quantity…)

It has to do with where one draws the line between the professional and the personal. And whether, these days, there is really a line at all. Especially since, in MY case, my work IS my life, for all intents and purposes…

…One of my philosophies of business, of my LIFE, is that I know I can’t change the world; but if I can make one person’s life easier, do something that makes a difference in one person’s life, that is success. In the end, it’s not about amassing piles of stuff or making a fortune. It’s about doing good. And if you CAN do good, and you DON’T…well, then you’re not worth the space you’re occupying on the planet.

It’s easy to write checks, take the tax deduction, and say that you’re "doing good." It’s not so easy to take the risk on people you know. Where you can see the results. When you know right away if you’ve thrown your investment of time, wisdom and money right down the toilet. But isn’t that the risk we need to take for one another? Isn’t that the real way to "pay it forward?" I don’t know…I’ve gone out on a limb like this before for people in my life, and I have ended up getting smacked in the face for my trouble. But that can’t make me afraid to step up when the next opportunity presents itself. It can’t.

…if I’m going to go down, I’d rather it be because I gave away too much than because I couldn’t get enough.

Does that make sense?


  1. It makes perfect sense. If it doesn't work, at least you know you tried. Which beats not trying at all and spending you life lamenting what might have been.


  2. Here are my thoughts.  When you decide to try to make a difference in someone's life you do it because the heart directs you to do so.  Not necessaily the brain.  And we don't usually do something for a reward, a thank you, if you expect a thank you , you will almost always be disappointed.  We are  all here on this big blue marble taking part in the  experiment of life.  How much colder would this world be if no one ever took a chance and helped their fellowman?  Keep the faith Lisa, you never know how what you do can and does make a difference in someone elses life.

  3. Lisa check out this little movie

  4. I would love to be allowed into Brainsurfing

  5. I would also like to have access to read "Briansurfing", or is it "Brainsurfing"?

    I enjoy reading your "Coming to Terms" journal and expect that I would enjoy reading anything you write.  

    Amber (

  6. I sense something major here but I do not want to ask for access to a private journal because its private! Are you sure? I would love to give you feedback but are you sure of allowing us in? Dannelle

  7. Lisa I would love to read brainsurfing!

    As for helping people out, I tend to get burned quite a bitmyself. Those I help are bottomless pits that wouldn't know thing one about gratitude.


  8. "if I’m going to go down, I’d rather it be because I gave away too much than because I couldn’t get enough"

    Beautifully put!  I know exactly what you mean, and I agree with you.


    p.s. - and yes, I'd love to have access to Brainsurfing!


  9. I wpuld love to read your other jounral, your statement is so well said..............Sherry

  10. Lisa ... I'm off to read.  My immediate first thought is:  sometimes we attach expectations to 'the things we do' and that ends up costing us in the end.  

  11. okay, I viewed the Blue Ribbon Movie and am sitting here in tears.   What a great movie.

  12. I wrote something almost similiar in my journal...I'm constantly giving of myself and often stretch myself thin. Then a story from a friend reminded me as long as we make the effort try, we are helping someone, somewhere. I think we do far more good than bad by making that effort. Of course there will always be that someone you can't help and takes offense instead. If your comfortable with it, I would love to be able to read your private journal. (Hugs) Indigo

  13. You do make sense know I try to *live it* too.  Not easy and it is just as likely you will be taken as you will receive something back but in the end, the giver gets more out of the giving than the taker does.

    Scary though.

    My Grandpa used to say that it doesn't matter who you (choose one) shake hands with / lay around with  during the day... at night you need to be able to sleep with yourself.

    I'm pretty sure you sleep soundly.