Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Let's Get This Show on the Road

You might remember the gist of my earlier post being that if I want to do anything at all, I have to just go for it.

At this time, I’m proud to announce that I am going to apply that piece of my personal motivational philosophy to the ensemble blog I suggested last month. I have wanted to start one of these for a long time, but every time I get past the "wishing" stage with it, my life goes into overdrive and I lose the moment. So, f**k the careful planning. Here goes.

The blog is going to be tentatively titled "Women On…" because that’s the best thing I could come up with this morning. Initial members are going to be myself, Jackie (thesheatons), Judi (emmapeeldallas), Kathy (mutualaide), Kat (Sunflowerkat321), Robin (oceanmrc). Click on this link, ladies—"Women On…"—and it will take you to a blog to which you have been added as writers.

The topic for our initial post will be "Introduction." Do with it what you will—post a picture, write a poem, write an essay introducing yourself to the audience. Whatever it is, it should give our readers a sense of who you are. Let’s get this part out of the way, and the we’ll take suggestions for new topics, new members, whatever. I’m sure we can get this at least a few inches off the ground without discussing it to death…

Have at it, my friends!


  1. Oh boy!  This should be fun!  

  2. I'll be there with bells on.


  3. I'm in!


  4. I went by the journal you had linked. I didn't comment yet, just read up on the entries thus far. What a fascinating overview of some wonderful women. I've put the journal on alert, you can count me in on returning time and time again. (Hugs) Indigo