Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ten Minutes 9/03: Oddness

A lady came in for a coffee this morning, carrying one of those little mini-animal carriers made out of cute print fabric with little doggies on it.  I assumed she was carrying a…little doggie.  Some kind of purse dog, like an itty-bitty Chihuahua or whatnot…you know, the ones that cost $100 an ounce.


It crossed my mind to tell her she could not have an animal in the restaurant, but she seemed inclined to leave it in its little crate, and I didn’t think it was hurting anyone, as long as she didn’t take it out and let it run around. 


Eventually, I became overwhelmed with curiosity, so I walked up and asked, “Who do we have in here?”


She looked at me kind of sheepishly, “It’s my rat.”


Yep.  A rat.  It was, in fact, a “rex” rat—like as in it had steely grey, curly fur.  Like a “rex” cat.


It was a really cute rat.  But it was a rat.  Lady got her coffee, zipped up her rat carrier and went on her way…


A short time later, a girl walked up to the counter and asked, “Do you eat snake?”


“Uh, what?”


“Snake.  Do you eat snake?”


“Noooo…can’t say as I ever have.  Why?”


“Well I have some great pieces out here.  Really cheap.  About three dollars a pound…”


“Um…  No thanks.”


“Okay!”  And she turned around with a big smile on her face and went her merry way.


No shit.  A door-to-door snake-meat salesperson.  I guess.


I thought the full moon was next weekend…


  1. At least it wasn't Sarah Palin hawking moose meat...but I sorta wish it was...if it would mean she wasn't on the ticket with McCain...

  2. Ewww! On both accounts!

  3. Never boring that's for sure! Dannelle

  4. A pet rat I can wrap my mind around. Snake for dinner. Pass, oh so pass.


  5. The rat is fine.  I used to have a pet rat.  His name was Martin.  Martin liked to swing in a sling suspended between to poles in the basement.  ;)

    Snake meat?  Nah.  Not at all.  Eeeuuuwwww.