Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How It's Going...

If it seems that I am neglecting my blogging, please forgive me. I have been spending inordinate amounts of time online…but I’ve been attending to other things.

Business-related things.


I finally bought a domain name for the café and am working on a website. If anyone is interested, it’s You’re welcome to go by and see what my hours of clickety-clacking away have produced (thank god for the “starter website builder” tool…)

Oh, and I was talked in to rejoining the world of Facebook as well. Had to start up a page for the café…so, again, if anyone is interested, when you’re on Facebook, just type “Old Town Café & Espresso” into the “Search” field on the top, and you should be able to find us. We are a motley crew… :)

So, you ask, how are things going with the new chef?

Incredible. Wonderful. Doubt if things could be better. SOOOO hard to believe.

But there it is.

I’m fully expecting to be smacked in the face with reality, very soon. In fact, when my young chef called the other day to confirm what time he was supposed to be at work, I honestly thought he was calling to quit. No, there would be no reason to expect that…other than the fact that it is exactly the kind of shit that falls out of the sky and hits me in the face on a regular basis. My whole life is about “once burned, twice shy,” since I became a business owner.

But, today…things are good.

Really good.

On top of everything else, I’m acquiring a new (to me) vehicle. Which I am going to go pick up tomorrow.

A mini-van. No more driving the Great White Rumbling Beast everywhere I have to go. Can’t say I’m going to miss that at all…

And Sunday is my birthday. Okay…maybe that’s not so great.

Don’t get me wrong. I love birthdays. It’s just that ever since my age became a two-digit number starting with “5”…well, I just can’t believe I’m that OLD. Or maybe there are days—maybe EVERY day, for at least the first few minutes after I roll out of bed—that I CAN believe I’m that old. Pretty scary, that.

But it is what it is.

Well…that’s the update. Soon…very soon…I’ll come back here and write something real. And interesting.

I’ll tell you all about my continuing love affair with my new chef. Okay…not a literal love affair.

But…well…Life is damned good.


  1. This is all fabulous news, Lisa! Off to visit your website...

  2. Hey, this is real and very interesting. Checked out the website. Way cool. And I do sympathize on the Bday. As of the fourth of December my number starts with a 6. And I freakin' don't believe it. My how time flies when we're all having fun.

    Sounds like some of those dreams are coming true right now. And I can't think of anybody who deserves it more than you do.

  3. Great web site. I was looking at your menu when my husband glanced over my shoulder and said, "Wow, that place looks really good, where is it?" He was very disappointed when I told him it is on the opposite side of the country. If we are ever in the area you can count on 2 new customers. We both wish you continued success.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! Oh, dear, this decade is harder on all of us than we intend it to be, but we aren't all that old, really.

    Hope it was happy. Hope young chef is still treating you right!

    I'm off to the website now. :)