Thursday, August 18, 2011

Squash Watch Week 3/4

I'll bet you thought I gave up, didn't you? Or that the poor little things themselves had given up?

No...nothing so undependable or dramatic. It's just that I was away all last week doing our Scandinavian thing in Eugene.

I was forced to, once again, entrust the lives of my squash plants to the intrepid husband. This time, I tried to make as many provisions as I could for their protection before I left them alone. I bade the husband purchase timers for the irrigation. I snuggled an additional sprinkler close to their feet--the back-up plan in case the drippers failed. I Miracle-Grow-ed them, patted them on the heads, and left town.

And crossed my fingers. do they look?

Week 4

They're obviously not dead. Not even the worse for wear, I'd say. In fact, they have decided to try to look a bit more like squash plants. See how they're actually beginning to spread horizontally across the ground? The only thing they're missing is flowers. Which means, of course, that a harvest is still questionable.

Down in Eugene, I had an attack of "squash envy..." My sister already has an acorn squash the size of a softball on her vine. Of course, hers were planted in a timely manner in an actual garden before they were half-dead...

In any case, I have live squash plants. And they're at least a nice green thing filling up a space that would have otherwise been a strip of weed-riddled dirt.

Keep your fingers crossed that we see a flower or two by next week!


  1. You will! You will have flowers I'm certain!

  2. Water, TLC and sunshine. You go you little green angels.