Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Pelicanization Continues...

Spent several hours over the past five days tromping through forests and fields around Eugene looking for birds.  I toted my gigantic camera around with me, which always seems to be the kiss of death.  As a general rule, one will NOT see anything worth taking pictures of if one has one's camera at the ready.

We went out to the area around Fern Ridge Reservoir...I was doggedly pursuing a decent image of my Power Bird, Heron.  Didn't see a one. 

But the Universe continues to try to communicate with me through a different bird spirit, one with a specific message which I am obviously having difficulty assimilating.  Because these were the birds I did encounter:

Pelicans.  In a place I had no idea they would be in evidence.  (These are white pelicans--birds of inland lakes and marshes as well as ocean beaches; apparently their range is expanding northward from California.  The birds I normally see on the Oregon coast are brown pelicans.)

Sometimes the Universe can be SO one-note...


  1. Cool! Very...these white pelicans

  2. The universe has been known to hop up and down, wave its arms, whistle, do whatever's needed to get your attention. The universe is not subtle.