Saturday, June 2, 2012

Go Away, Elk...

Looking back on my writings of discovery, I am surprised to see that it has been well over two years since I began to move in a seriously shamanistic direction.  One of the first encounters I wrote about here was with “Elk.”  Back in March of 2010.  I noted that I had been visited by elk in unusual numbers, in unusual places for several months.  My research uncovered that visitation by Elk bade one to “stand strong with pride.”  And that Elk’s main attributes included stamina and strength. 

At the time, I interpreted this to be a confirmation that I would have the strength to “take the restaurant to the next level.” 

Six months later, after having lost my chef, my pastry chef, my replacement chef and most of the rest of my staff at the cafĂ©, I was carrying the entire operation on my own back.  Next level, indeed…    I guess I had the strength and the stamina all right, because I didn’t have a heart attack or a nervous breakdown.  But by October of that year, I knew what I had to do.  It wasn’t easy; and it required strength and stamina I didn’t know I possessed.

I recalled Elk’s message; and it had been borne out.  In spades.

I decided that if a visitation by Elk meant I was going to have to face a challenge on the order of what I had just been through, I would be happy if I never saw another elk for the rest of my life.

I mention this because, well…Elk seems to have returned.

Elk have been showing up at odd places and times along my path.

And I want them to go away.

I do not, repeat, DO NOT want to test my strength and my stamina right now.  I’m still in recovery from the last time.  Honestly.

Go away.  Don’t make me show how equal I am to a challenge.

Because I’m not.


Not yet.    



  1. Perhaps their appearance now is more a reflection of the strength that IS YOU, not so much about something happening that will require strength....