Friday, May 17, 2013

Made Myself Sit Down and Write...This is What Came Out

It seems that I’m getting a strong sense of the futility of it all. A society that WILL NOT learn from its mistakes.  “Religions” that WILL NOT acknowledge the Spirit of the Universe as the huge, wonderful, diverse and all-encompassing entity that It is.  The Entity that IS all and CREATED all and, as such, has no animosity toward any creation.

Negative emotions are reserved to mankind alone…who knows why?  (Maybe that IS an indication that the Spirit has ill-feeling toward us.  Why else burden us with the evil that comes from within ourselves?)  Then again, perhaps this negativity, this dark side that man seems so bound to cherish and nourish, is not inflicted upon us by the Universe, but is simply what arises to fill the void between mankind  and the Spirit as we put more and more distance between ourselves and It.  The Spirit of the Universe is Light, and Positivity, and Creation.  By separating ourselves from It,  we create a space that fills with Darkness, Negativity and Destruction —the exact opposites of what the Spirit of the Universe is all about, what that Spirit is yearning to share with us.  Our void has become so vast…our dark side so huge that we cannot control it, so, we reason, it must not be of us.  It must be “God.”  “God” must be the source of all this anger and judgment, jealousy and retribution.  We compound our “sin,” by turning around and assigning those destructive emotions to the Spirit Itself.  We make “God” in our own image.

Now I know that not all “religions” teach of an angry vengeful God.  Even Christianity attempts to bury the awful traits it has assigned to God under layers and layers of “love,” “grace,” and “forgiveness.”  Still, when you start out with a God that you firmly believe is as capable of—and as ready to—squash you like a bug as to embrace and cherish you, that underlying foundation of fear taints anything good and positive piled on top of it.  You can’t hide it.  It is always there.  Always there to be exploited and manipulated.  And so, it is.

If I had an answer, what would it be?  Is the problem too huge, too unacknowledged, for there to be an answer?  Are we so bent on maintaining and widening the separation between ourselves and the Spirit, so focused on walking farther and farther away from It in a misguided attempt to “find our own way” that we are beyond hope?  I don’t know.

I think…maybe.   



  1. I think there's still hope. But it's going to take a lot of work.

  2. ...Work that no one seems to acknowledge needs doing, or seems to want to do.

  3. I've become interested in an Irish influence Druid site. The Henge of Keltria. I've been working through some of the archived quarterly Henge Happenings. The author of one entry lamented the growth of nes members, or at least inquirers, who basically said I've paid my money what am I supposed to do? Influenced I suspect by the protestant fundies who teach that all you have to do is ask Jesus to forgive your sins and you're in like Flynne. Hmm. I think anything else will need to be in a personal message. But, I am learnind how we treat the world is very much influenced by the myths you accept. If you believe that everything around you is filled with the spirit of the Creator you're going to be a heck of lot more respectful than if you don't.