Friday, November 7, 2014


I'm going to get this off my chest (you knew I had to) and then I'm going to pick my chin up and move on.

I’m fifty-nine years old.  I’m not saying I’ve seen everything, but I’ve seen a lot, when it comes to American politics.  I’ve seen a president murdered.  I’ve seen the National Guard shoot into crowds of young protesters.  I’ve seen Teflon Ron shmooze his way through an eight-year tenure jam-packed with scandals, secret ops and behind-the-scenes end-runs around Congress and the American people, come out at the end of it smelling like a rose, then suspiciously come down with Alzheimer’s and go into hiding upon his retirement.  (Sorry…I never bought the Alzheimer’s thing, but that’s a different rant whose time is long past.)   

I’ve seen Congress endlessly hound a bright, promising young Democrat, ultimately treating the American people to the disgusting circus that was the baseless impeachment proceedings that rendered useless the final two years of his administration.

I’ve seen the George W. Bush administration.  Enough said.

But, having witnessed all of this, I can say without blinking that the past four years have been the worst I’ve seen in my entire life. Because it is in this time that the government of the United States of America completely ceased to function. It was rendered utterly powerless.

After 9/11, we pumped our fists in the air and screamed we would never allow “the terr’ists” to bring down our government; then we grabbed the dagger out of their hands and plunged it into our own heart. 

So now the fractured hodge-podge of nutty extremists that is the sad remnant of the once-proud GOP has “regained” control of the Senate (as if their obstruction tactics had not controlled it for the past four years even though they were the minority party.)

For all the world, it looks to me like the captain of the ship—the guy that rammed her into the iceberg—has grabbed the wheel just in time to pilot her to the bottom of the sea. 

I don’t know if things could get much worse than they have been the last four years.  But I am NOT looking forward to the next two.  

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