Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Beyond Repair

This is why the Republican Congress couldn't do anything the last 6 years of Obama's term, and is not going to be any more successful now.


Republicans: 237
"Freedom Causcus" members: 29
Democrats: 193. 

Effectively giving "mainstream" Republicans  208 seats--a minority.


Republicans: 51
Tea Party Caucus: 4
Democrats: 46
Independent: 2

Effectively giving "mainstream" Republicans 47 seats--again, a minority. 

The GOP has a majority that is not a majority, all because of 33 members of Congress who have called the shots on everything since 2010. For seven years, the Tea Party has opposed everything not of its own creation and shown no inclination to compromise on anything--even with less radical members of their own party.  They effectively shut down our federal government years ago.  And I don't see them weakening any time in the near future.

It should be interesting to watch Republicans try to pass a health care law under these circumstances. Or anything, for that matter.

I know we all loathe Trump, but our government was broken long before he took over...

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