Tuesday, September 30, 2003


I think I actually heard coyotes howling tonight, sitting here in the office in the quiet, with no tv, fan, or music.  Kind of creepy...but we knew they were around.  They're part of the reason I don't decide to let the cats outside to roam.  Don't want one of them to come home dead some day.  A  kitty paid me a visit outside while I was going out to get the mail.  On the sly, I gave him a bowl of food just to help him out a little (Matt would be pissed if he knew I did this.)  Poor thing was all skin and bones...couldn't decide whether he was starved or sick, so I figured I could help him out if starving was the problem.  He didn't eat much, so I'm afraid he really was sick.  He was wearing a collar and ID tag...local phone number, so he must be from around here somewhere.  No excuse for an animal to be neglected like that.  Hope he doesn't end up coyote-lunch.

Browsing through other peoples' journals, I came across someone asking questions about God...reminded me of the confusion I have on that subject.  Used to believe...don't know what I believe anymore.  Find that organized religion seems to be a tool created by man, used to beat up other people.  Historically, people are driven to create ways in which they can make themselves superior to others.  And to create codes of behavior that criminalize the behavior of others.  If you don't believe what I believe, you are bad.  You are going to hell.  I have to kill you.  Whatever.  I'm sure that God looks down on all this and wonders if we'll ever get it.   

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  1. This is too good to pass by without tossing my coins in the cup....

    It's been awhile since you wrote this (4 1/2 years), so I suggest rereading this again.....your opening statement was that you gave a kitty a bowl of food...an unconscious act of kindness! You didn't think twice about, no hestitation. The cries of the cat struck a chord....the chord of kindness.

    Your closing line "I'm sure God looks down and wonders if we'll ever get it".

    As long as the chord of kindness (that our Creator imbued us with) resonates when it is rung...we'll get it....maybe not all the time, but some of the time...we'll get it!

    I hope the next 4 1/2 years the ones close to you, "got it too"!

    Peace and Blessings...Marc :)