Saturday, September 27, 2003

Went out and spent $400 of "Cafe de la Rue" money on new (old) office furniture today.  Discovered a WONDERFUL place down in the SE industrial district across the river.  I could have spent days, and probably thousands of dollars, in the place.  TONS of used office furniture, and other stuff, at rock bottom prices.  I guess I'll never be a card-carrying yuppie.  I just love places like that.
I'm trying to start to take myself more seriously as a business owner.  I'm hoping that making the office functional will help.  The place always looks like the aftermath of a level five tornado, mostly because there aren't enough places to put everything.  Bought three big shelving units, a new desk, and an 8' long table.  Still need a file cabinet and another table for crafts.  But it's starting to look more like an office and less like a junk room.
Gave in and let Matt take me to the Polish Festival for lunch.  Real "back home" type food...though my family was Hungarian rather than Polish, there's a lot of similarity between all those Eastern European cultures.  Croatian pastries reminded me of the sweet tables at the Schleich weddings.  Went back three times for more goodies, at $2 per plate.  Loved seeing Matt's eyes light up, reveling in the Polish stuff that takes him back to his childhood.  Made me wish I could come up with some more things to do that he would enjoy as much.  He works too hard, and needs the recreation.

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