Friday, December 9, 2005

Christmas Play

shed of their kleenex robes

ornaments smile

bow and curtsy

in their four-week spotlight

they dance little scenes

of seasons past

and memorize

this year's lines

for next year

and the next and the next


  1. This is really sweet!  And so true...


  2. I wish some of our oldest ornaments could talk. The ones we got from my grandparents would have some stories to tell. The Christmases in the early forties when uncle Jack was overseas, the ones in the early fifties when his younger brother was in the army. The early sixties when the youngest was serving in Germany. The first Christmas after mom got married and wasn't there to decorate their tree. She was starting her own memories.


  3. by the way.....

    I am still voting for Matt Santos in 2008, I am writing him in.

  4. This is so good, Lisa!  I can h onestly not write poetry at all, and it seems to come naturally to you.  Donna

  5. A Carolin' Thru Jland
                         ~The First Noel~

    Hi Lisa, Happy Holidays!
    Gem :-)