Thursday, December 1, 2005

Digging For The Dirt

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Where is the Iraq war headed next?

Read this article. From start to finish. It does get a little dry... I had to start over in a couple of places where the technical jargon got a little overwhelming. Then ask yourself this question: Why do we get no inkling of any of this stuff from the visual media that bombard us with "news" 24 hours a day?

I got this link from a Tankwoman post at The Blue Voice. While you're at it, it wouldn't hurt to read her latest post--The War Crime We Elected. I've known since the start of the war that we are not getting anywhere close to the whole story about this conflict piped into our living rooms. In fact, we're not getting ANY of the story. But it's so easy to accept the insulation from unfolding history that is the pap that the Bush Administration spoon-feeds us. My morning's reading splashed the cold water of reality in my face.

The information is out there, folks. But you have to dig for it. Go. Read. Then come back and tell me what you think.


  1. Aha!  Finally an alert!

  2. I'm convinced we get just enough "news" to keep us around for the commercials and God forbid any of the news should conflict with the ads. I'd like to think it was a deliberate conspiracy. At least then I'd know what names to put on my voodod doll. I'm afraid it's just business as usual. And that's even scarier.


  3. What a mess!  One of my twin sons wanted to enlist, but I was able to talk him out of it, and I thank my lucky stars for that.  He's bright and funny and a free-thinker, and at the very least, the army would have beaten those qualities out of him.  I went with him to the recruiter and faced down the recruiter.  It helped that my baby brother was once a marine recruiter, because I know a little about the sales pitch. Two of my brothers were in the armed forces (Air Force and Marines) and my great nephew is currently a 20-year-old marine who, 18 months ago, was stationed in Fallujah, going door to door, searching houses for weapons.  There's no plan and this all seems to be escalating.  And the CIA is torturing people, and no one is answering for it.  There was an excellent article in the New Yorker a week or two ago on that topic.  I don't want my sons or daughters, or anyone else's sons or daughters, over there in danger of losing their lives because of oil.  I don't see Jenna and Barbara signing up, and yes, there are women soldiers these days.

    Another good read on all of this is Evan Wright's book, Generation Kill.  


  4. Lisa,

    Okay, I read all twelve pages from the New Yorker and read the Blue Voice's depressing entry about Fallujah as well.

    My thoughts? I have believed that Bush is a delusional religious fanatic for quite a while now.

    So this was nothing new.

    The air war stuff regarding Iraq taking control is quite scary, however.

    Perhaps Bush is not too far off in his delusions. Perhaps he really has been appointed by God to do God's will which could result in the ushering in of Armageddon. That may be the very best that we can possibly hope for. (That God would actually use this asshole to do his will. Hey, look at Saul...he wasn't too perfect either, but God used him!)

    The alternative is that we have a nutcase in the Whitehouse oblivious to everything except the voices he hears inside his head.

    I like the first alternative better.

    Just goes to show how far I've sunk in my level of hopefulness...


  5. I didn't get an alert on it either...I did on the snow flake.

    Interesting, but not on this journal all day.