Tuesday, May 2, 2006

RE: Ten Good Things

Hello all! Just wanted to let you know, I have not blown off my "Ten Good Things Weekly" list. I had an incredibly busy weekend, during which I was also far away from my internet connection. We got home late Sunday evening, and then had to get up bright and early Monday morning to drive to Tacoma (about a three-hour trek) to the Northwest Restaurant Show. Got home about 8:00 last night, and I was so exhausted I barely had enough energy to play a few games of solitaire before I was reading my monitor through my eyelids. Also realized I was experiencing that scratchy throat, runny-nose pre-cold feeling. Which was confirmed when I woke up this morning with the full-blown article.

I have a million things to do today, not the least of which is to try and find my house beneath the clouds of animal hair that collect when I am absent from the business end of a vacuum for a few days. Not to mention the other cat "functions" that go along with shedding season…. :-P

But I didn’t want to rush through my Good Things list, because part of the benefit of the exercise is to sit down and really meditate on the good things that happened during the previous seven days. So….I’ll try to take the requisite time this evening after dinner to do it up right.

And, oh…did I mention that my DSL is on the fritz, and I’m back on dial-up, at least temporarily? Gotta love that good ole reliable twenty-first century technology…


  1. Somewhere I have an old Arthur Clarke short story about the first mission to Jupiter. They run into comets tail or some darn thing that fries the computer. No computer no navigation. And they're stuck in the tail so they can't call hom The quartermaster/journalist is gloomily toting up how long the supplies will last when he remembers the bank where his grandfather used to work. Grandpa was from Japan and they were still using abacuses. With everybody madly moving improvised beads on improvised abacuses they were able to navigate far enough from the cloud to yell for help. What's old is new again. :-)


  2. Hope you're feeling better...Maybe I should work on a list as well.  It's good to think positively and look for the good things...