Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Ten Good Things Weekly--Week Seven

I’m afraid this one is going to be a challenge. (I say that every time, don’t I?) Be that as it may…being the curmudgeonly sort that I am, I have enough trouble dredging up my list when I’m feeling on top of the world. Today, I feel like crap and I’m just coming off a not-overly-successful event last weekend. A two thousand pound pack of responsibilities and "to-do’s" is hanging by a thread about an inch above my head, and all I want to do is take another hit of Benadryl, crawl back under the covers and sleep it off. Let me blow my nose, shake the cold-drug-induced cobwebs out, and see what I can come up with…

  1. Preparation for the previously mentioned event went so smoothly it was almost scary. We had everything in the trailer and buttoned up by 7:00 pm Wednesday. I remarked to the husband as we dusted off our hands and walked into the house for dinner that we must have done something terribly wrong, as we were all finished and it wasn’t dark, freezing, or raining.
  2. We were greeted with perfect weather when we arrived in Astoria to set up for the event. Sunny, warm, breezy…not at all typical for the Oregon Coast in spring. Or any other time, for that matter.
  3. It looks like this most of this list will spring from our weekend event… That makes sense, since that was my focus for most of the week. Anyway, thing number three was our Thursday night dinner at Café Uniontown, under the bridge in Astoria, watching the ships come and go out of the harbor.
  4. We may have dodged the $3000 truck repair bullet we had been expecting. After the much less traumatic $400 repair last month, "Great White" seems to be performing admirably, at least as far as the fuel injection is concerned. Big sigh of relief on that one…
  5. Spotted bald eagles several times in the skies around Astoria, including the one soaring over the distant treetops as we walked back to the trailer Saturday evening. (reading over this, I wondered if we had discovered a new species--spotted bald eagles...?)
  6. It is our custom to take whatever sandwiches we have left at closing and hand them out to other vendors. Rather than throw away perfectly good food (that we cannot reuse the next day), I like to see someone eat them. Anyway, I took a bag of three sandwiches down to one of the wine booths Friday night, intending them as a no-strings-attached gift, and the guy gave me a bottle of red wine. Usually, the wine vendors only part with the bottles that aren’t moving (the icky stuff) in a food-for-wine trade. We cracked open that bottle with our dinner, and it was really good wine. Come to find out the next day that he had given us a $25 bottle of Pinot Noir. Gotta love these wine festivals *hic!*
  7. Got my piece of "dirty" pecan pie ("dirty" = chocolate chips) from the Presbyterians on Friday night before they ran out. Yumm!
  8. After a month of bouncing around like a pinball between four different business opportunities in the local area, I believe I’ve finally narrowed my focus to the café in Old Town. It just…feels right. I am so allergic to getting my hopes up about anything, but I really want this little café. Cross your fingers for me…
  9. While I was out plying my trade (that doesn’t sound very good, does it…?) husband put the finishing touches on the never-ending bathroom project. Mouldings are up, grout is sealed, paint is touched up. It looks great. But we will have to think twice before coming up with anything quite so…creative… in the future. I hate it when these projects stretch on forever because we stray into unknown territories. This time, it was a ceramic-tile border on the wall that bogged it all down.
  10. Saw more of thethan . Looks like we may have finally closed the book on the crappy winter of ‘05-’06.

Ta daaaa! One more "Good Things" list in the bag. And I only have four days to rev up for the next one…J


  1. Spotted bald eagles, that's a good one. Old Towne cafe. Sounds interesting. Old Town in Scappoose? I'll keep sending good thoughts toward the Great White. It sounds like you need a shark logo for the sides. :-)


  2. This is a great list...Take care and feel better soon.

  3. sunflowerkat321May 3, 2006 at 4:17 PM

    What a wonderful list...despite your cold.
    (poor you!)

    Eagles!!!  WOW!!

    I'm hoping everything works out on that Cafe' you have your eye on!!

  4. pecan pie and wine in one blog! and free sandwiches...a dam..dang good blog