Saturday, December 2, 2006

Have Yourself A...

Okay…roller coaster is on the uphill track now.

I’m sorry. There are times when my naturally pessimistic nature and a lull in the action combine to drag me to the depths…

I’m coming up for air now. And not in a frantic, desperate, gasping rush to the surface, either. I’ve just filled my lungs, held my breath, and am waiting for the laws of nature to send me bobbing up into the realm of life and air and restoration. Those good ole laws of nature. Those unbreakable ordinances that keep us in our places.

I realized I wasn’t a salmon, and I had to quit trying to make like one. Quit struggling upstream…just stretch out and ride the current. Maybe even float backwards a little, because sometimes there’s no other way to go if you want to stay alive. You slow down, plan your next move and carry it out deliberately, instead of throwing everything but the kitchen sink out there in a frantic search for something that will work.

Yesterday I took a minute to think. And the thought that came to me was this: It’s Christmas, Mr. Scrooge. My favorite time of the year…which, with only the slightest of wounded sniffs, I was prepared to sacrifice to the Entrepreneurial gods. Well, the gods rejected my sacrifice. Blew the smoke right back in my face. So I guess I’m free to take my Christmas back. What kind of a stupid, ungrateful idiot would I be not to do exactly that?

So I ordered tickets to a performance of Handel’s Messiah (highlights, anyway…through which I will presumably be able to stay awake.) I printed up a "Secret Santa" sign-up sheet for my crew at the café. Between bizarre rushes at work, I’ve been stringing beads and snowflakes on fishing line to hang in the windows. And I cut my own hours (why was I trying to put in seventy hours a week during the holidays…?) so that I might actually be in possession of one or two of my wits by the time That Day arrives.

A Merry Christmas… Let’s have one, shall we?



  1. Waving Santas, way to go. Very chilly down here today, but sunny. The birds were singing their own little carols and the trees were talking to us. Glad you're on the upswing.


  2. Yay, Lisa!

    The Messiah is dangerous, though.  So beautiful that you might start believing in something <G>


  3. Yay, you!!!

  4. Merry Christmas! Don't you decorate every room in your house?? You certainly can not 70 hours a week and acheive that!!

  5. Ah yes, balance, sanity, so hard to achieve when you are an entrepreneur. I'm so glad you have decided not to forsake your favorite time of the year!

  6. Decorate and enjoy!  The rest will all be there on January 2, 2007.

  7. Glad to hear you are NOT sacrirficing Christmas! I love the holidays too.  ANd you know what when all is said and done no one is going to give you a Woman of the Year Award for working yourself to a frazil.

  8. I think you'd be kicking yourself from here to Easter if you blew off Christmas.  Make the very most of it.

  9. Wish I was going to Handel's Messiah with you!!!  That sounds like a great way to kick off the Christmas season!!  Hugs,