Thursday, December 28, 2006

...So Far This Week Part 2

And here is the rest of the story…

In an anti-climactic sort of way, 5:00 girl showed up (five minutes late) on Tuesday night. I’m not sure whether I dodged a bullet or just delayed the inevitable. It was kind of awkward, actually. I was fully prepared for the husband and me to close the restaurant alone. And, truth be told, we could have done so with no problems. It was actually an inconvenience and a waste of labor dollars for Ms. "I’m-Going-To-Quit-Any-Time-Now" to show up. Sigh!

We got out of there about ten seconds after pulling the chain on the "OPEN" sign. I went home and felt…nothing. Shell-shocked, maybe. Or perhaps I’m just getting used to having the crap beat out of me. I really wanted to be pissed…to be worried…to be something. But I was just too tired.

I went to bed and slept remarkably well. Which is an accomplishment in itself. Time was, employee debacles of this magnitude would have me up ‘til all hours fretting, rehashing and second-guessing myself. But somehow the sheer ridiculousness of this situation has led me to conclude that the problem can’t possibly be with me or anything I have done (except, perhaps, that my "panic hiring," of my first few months at the café was coming back to bite me in the ass…) So, knowing that I had two reliable employees opening in the morning, I slumbered like a baby. An exhausted, menopausal, hot-flashing baby… J

All I knew was that I didn’t have to open on Wednesday. That I didn’t have to work a fourteen-hour day. I felt like a sailor on liberty. I didn’t set the alarm. Woke up at my leisure. Had a couple cups of coffee and interacted with my poor neglected animals for a few hours before hauling myself to work (notice that I didn’t say I cleaned house…) I arrived at the café shortly before noon. Everything was ship-shape, prep had been finished, breaks had been taken, the place looked great. Wouldn’t have looked better if I had been there myself.

To condense a long-winded yarn, Wednesday was as good as Tuesday was bad. Business picked up to an almost-acceptable level. I set up interviews with three girls who had applied, returned, and dutifully checked up on their aps in the past week. And, unbelievably, a former employee—one who had quit in pique not too long into my tenure as owner (but had at least given notice…!)—came in and asked for her job back. A funny conversation, that. She: "This is humbling…but, I need a job." Me: "Are you kidding? Can you start, like, tomorrow?" And so she did.

A good friend of mine wrote in her blog the other day that her life was a game of "Chutes and Ladders." And I felt like I was right there with her.

At the moment, I’m at the top of one of those ladders…


  1. Great way to bring in the new year! Sort of. Wednesday at least.

  2. I simply loved reading this.

  3. Well, yay for Wednesday.

    Maybe the new (old) employee will be what you need to turn things around ~ as she puts the word out that you run a great place.

  4. Yeah!  You're at the top and the dice will just keeping rolling in your favor.   Well, that's what we're hoping anyway!  Thanks for finishing up the story -- I'm glad you have your humble employee back with you.  

  5. What a rollercoaster! Here's hoping your employee issues are coming to an end.

  6. Well, I'm glad your week is on the upswing.  As is the restaurant.  I want to come by for coffee and breakfast, I really do.

  7. Glad things are looking up right now. The critters probably were dancing around you for attention. At least Lucy and the younger ones.


  8. It's nice to hear there's a good day, now and then. Otherwise, the best advice anyone could give was of the 'get out -- now' sort. I wish it wasn't a 3500 mile trip -- mite far for a bite of brunch.

    Hang in there!


  9. Chutes and Ladders---LOL! I never thought of it quite that way, but I will now :)
    I still admire you so much for following your dream, and I hope the kinks get worked out soon...

  10. Oh boy....I am so glad to read that things improved on Wednesday.  What a relief it must have been to walk in and see things running smoothly.

    Lisa....I hope that 2007 brings lots of good things your way.  You have worked your ass off and you deserve to reap the rewards.