Monday, December 18, 2006

We haven't reached the solstice yet, but I'd swear the days are getting longer...

This morning, as I tried to stuff a load of aprons into the dryer at home, my sister pointed out my laundry room window and said, "Hey…look! Quick!" And lo and behold, there was a bald eagle flying right over my back yard. I thought, "Great! That must be a good omen for the day."


It has, unfortunately, been another one of those "one step forward, six steps back" kind of days.

I am the too-exhausted-to-fall asleep kind of tired. All I can do is sit here and type nonsense on this damn machine. And feel the waves of tears washing up against the levee in my head. If that levee gets breached, I am in all kinds of trouble.

Time to take a hit of bendryl to paralyze my brain just enough to sleep.  Or maybe I don’t need the benadryl…


  1. ((((((((Lisa)))))))

  2. You need a vacation more than anyone I know.