Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Plus One

Opened my Blogger dashboard page this morning and was greeted by "+2" next to the title of my last blog post.   Hovered the cursor over the number; the little pop-up box indicated that this is the "+1 count."   Okaaayyyy...  WTF does THAT mean?

So of course I had to Google it ("what does +1 count mean?"--a truly sophisticated search.)

I'm afraid most of this "code" crap is complete gibberish to me, but from what I could gather by the explanation, it is yet another way for Google to track what a given person likes and/or clicks on, presumably so it can (a.) suggest similar pages to that person, in that annoying Google way; and (b.) sell this information to advertisers.  

The simple explanation is that it is a form of "like" button for blog pages.  If one of my blog posts pops up on a Google search, and the searcher likes the result, she gives it a "Google +1."  I'm unclear as to whether the searcher has to actually click on the page to "+1" it.  But let's assume that she does.  And that she reads and likes what she has read.

Hmmm...  A "like" button for blog pages.  I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.  

On the one hand, since actually taking the time to think about and comment upon a blog essay has become passe, maybe it will be nice to know that people do come here and like what they read, even if they don't comment.

On the other hand...well, I don't know.  I feel like it just encourages people to take the lazy, too busy, "I don't have time" way out.  For years I looked at my blog as a relationship to my readers, my friends.  I know;  it hasn't actually BEEN that for a long, long time.  Still, maybe it WON'T be so great to know how many people stopped by and didn't think it was worth the time to actually connect.  

Of course, it could be that my writing is just...bad.  It doesn't make people think.  It doesn't inspire people to comment.  And perhaps that's something I should know.  But since the blog has mutated into...what it has mutated into, great writing hasn't been my goal in a long time.  

I come here because it's MY space...and it has been MY space for almost fourteen years.  I've sort of adopted the attitude that if some of my old friends, or some new friends, come by once in awhile, that's great.  Even greater if they leave a note.  The writing...the essays are mostly stream of consciousness.  The kind of stuff you write when your head gets so full you have to let something out before it explodes.  I left great writing (at least, the greatest writing of which I was capable) behind years ago...some time just after the dawn of Facebook, I'd say.

So if you feel inspired to "+1" me, that's great.  Welcome to my space.  Glad you liked something here.  

But if you could find it in your heart and your busy day to take the time to leave a few words...even if it's just "loved this!"...THAT would make my day.  


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