Thursday, June 29, 2017

Which is it?

Two months ago, Republican Congressman Markwayne Mullin of Oklahoma stood up in front of a town hall and told angry constituents that it was “bull crap” that the voters paid his salary.  He went on to elaborate that, basically, he was/is a wealthy businessman, his company pays his salary, and what he does in Washington is a “service” that he was elected to provide. 

Angry as that statement made me, I had to grudgingly admit that Mr. Mullin had a point. 

Most members of our US Congress are at the very least, financially secure.  Many of them are millionaires.  A situation which they regularly secure and enhance through their staus as federal lawmakers.

So yeah, Mr. Mullin.  I get it.  You’re all rich.  You’re doing us a favor by taking time out of your busy, wealthy lives to show up in Washington to pass legislation that will at least safeguard that wealth, if not greatly enhance it.

Then, yesterday, I read that retiring Senator Jason Chaffetz has called for members of Congress to receive $2500 amonth housing stipend.  Apparently, $174,000 per year on top of whatever personal wealth a member of Congress commands is not enough to cover “decent” housing.

I know Washington DC is a crazy expensive housing market.  I know there’s a crisis of affordable housing in many major American cities.  So this is not necessarily an unreasonable request.


Y’know…you can’t have it both ways, my Republican friends.

Either you’re too rich to take seriously your responsibility to the voters that sent you to Washington…

Or you’re financially strapped and can’t afford a decent place to live. 

Which is it?

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  1. If only Mr. Smith could be found anywhere in Washington.