Monday, September 29, 2003

Fallout from yesterday

It suddenly became autumn in Oregon today.  Weather was cool and rainy all day...a stark contrast to yesterday, which was sunny and in the nineties.  Today's weather fit my mood...or maybe it created it.  Still feeling a little put out with the husband about yesterday.  When will I learn that he is not the person to go to with my feelings of loneliness and isolation?  Instead of being sympathetic, he reads that I am somehow criticising him for not being a good husband/friend/whatever.  And then I have to hear about how hard he works and how he's so wasted when he gets home at the end of the day.  Just so I know it's really unreasonable of me to want him to actually interact with me when he gets home.  He must have known I was upset, though...he emailed me from work today saying, "why don't we go on a picnic after work?"  I emailed back, "Uh, in case you haven't noticed, it's raining."  I SHOULD give him credit for the thought, but I'm not so inclined.  It seems so much a case of too little too late, as usual.
Office is coming together pretty well.  Got most of the business stuff categorized and put away today, will start on the craft stuff tomorrow.  Don't think I yet have enough room for it all.  And I though I had already thrown tons away.  Had to buy a shredder for all the old bills and stuff.  I'll probably spend half the day tomorrow shredding paper.

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