Thursday, November 27, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, here it is, a quarter past midnight on Thanksgiving eve.  It's really a pain in the ass to type, because I've had two glasses of wine, and I got acrylic nails a week ago...just imagine!

I'm having the whole famn damily up for the holiday weekend.  Only nine people, but given that I'm used to only the two of us rattling around in this big house, it IS a big deal. Went to the grocery store today and spent $180 just on food for the next two days.  Of course, the place was a zoo.  Nearly took out five or six people with my two-ton grocery cart...  I now have orange Jello spilled all over my favorite sweater...  I had to substitute flat canned artificial whipped cream for Cool Whip in a dessert recipe because I forgot to leave the Cool Whip out of the freezer when I brought the groceries home.  (Can't wait to see how THAT dessert turns out!)  Ah...the holidays!!! 

I plan on starting the day tomorrow watching the Macy's parade.  NEVER miss it.  It's the only way to start a Thanksgiving day,.  The husband is all about the football games.  I told him, we have two tv's...he can go upstairs and watch football whilst I watch the parade and cook my fingers to the bone downstars.  Family scheduled to arrive noonish.  I am pumped!!

I am going to go over this entry and correct all the acrylic-nail caused typos...but I really should post it as is.  It would teach us all a valuable lesson about getting nails and trying to keep a web journal...  :-]


  1. Sounds like a great day in store for you. Happy T-Day!

  2. Hope your Thanksgiving was nice. :-) I never watch that parade on tv. I did see a few minutes of it that morning, but we soon left. I would probably enjoy it if I saw it live.