Tuesday, May 4, 2004

The Rest of the Story...

I'm putting on my "Paul Harvey" hat here:

For anyone who was wondering whether we were richly rewarded for all the hardships we had endured in our sojourn to the Astoria Crab & Seafood Festival, the answer is "no."  Didn't make any money on this one.  Once again, my purchasing skills (or lack thereof) and my labor budget (or lack thereof) killed me.  The old Cafe de la Rue pocketbook is going to be spitting out a couple of moths before it gets replenished by its next event.  Sigh!  And I never did tell about the Crab Races...

More on the "bad hair" front: Every time I looked in the mirror, and certainly every morning when I tried to style the disaster, I got mad all over again.  So, determined to go in and complain to a manager, I drive over to the salon.  First thing I see through the glass door is Mr. Hair-Assassin, not nearly busy enough to keep him from making immediate eye-contact with me.  Clucking loudly, I turn tail and scamper back to my vehicle.  Just CANNOT have a face-to-face confrontation with this guy.  I get home, and pick up the phone.  Call the salon, speak to a "supervisor."  She seems more sympathetic than I expected her to be.  After listening to my sad story, she asks me if I want a refund on the cut.  I say, "Yes."  Go over there today, and she hands me a twenty dollar bill and a lame apology.  So I only spent seventy dollars on a terrible haircut and non-color.  Guess I know where I won't be going the next time I lose my mind and decide to pay someone to touch my hair.

I MADE GOAL!!!!  Weighed in at 117.8# at WW this evening (my goal was 118#.)  I had just weighed myself at home before the meeting, and it read 119#.  I was certainly not going to tell them there was something wrong with their scale.  Earlier today, I had emailed my sister and told her I was going to have to change my goal weight, since I have been dinking around with the last five pounds for over a month.  But tonight I am victorious!  Everyone join me in a celebratory glass of...whatever it is you drink to celebrate!

And that, my friends, is the rest of the story... 


  1. Congrats on your weight loss.  Now clue me in on how $20 is a refund on a $70 haircut.  So the next time you get charged $70 for something, does that mean you whip out a $20 dollar bill?  I'm really confused.  I guess this was just a $70 lesson in learning where NOT to go to get your hair cut and colored in the future...

  2. Congrats on reaching your goal!  Good for you!  I had a glass of plum wine in celebration! Lisa

  3. sunflowerkat321May 7, 2004 at 5:55 PM

    Yay for LISA...doesn't it feel great to get to your goal weight!  Wow!  117#....?  You're tiny girl!

  4. Woohoo on the weight loss!  I am soooo envious...  I was wondering how you had done money wise on that event, if nothing else you were rich in adventure!!  Kristi

  5. Aw, congrats on the weight loss!!  It must be really cool to say you've reached your goal. :-)

    I've managed to lose about 20 pounds myself, and have about ten thousand more to go.  There's always plenty of reason to celebrate progress.

  6. Yeah for you!!!! Congrats on the weight loss. That must be some challenge with all the wonderful foods you cook to! :-) ---Robbie