Saturday, September 25, 2004

As Mumsy so sweetly reminded me (in the comments of my last entry), today is the 1-year anniversary of my journal. I knew the day was coming up, but I thought I’d be too busy to make an entry. We’re in the middle of doing another event (the First Annual Oktoberfest at the Columbia County Fairgrounds)…more l-o-n-g hours with little to show for them. At least we aren’t getting drowned this weekend. Yesterday was just a beautiful day to look out the window of Big Red and see NO PEOPLE at the event. * Sigh! *

So, anyway, one year ago today, I opened the Pandora’s Box of AOL journals. LOL! I shouldn’t really call it that…nothing bad has come out. Except maybe the guilty feeling that I’m spending too much time here that could be better spent on something else; like housework, WORK work, exercising, reading Shakespeare…all the self-improvement crap you never do anyway. The wonderful things about having this journal far outweigh the bad. As I’ve said several times, the community aspect of journal land took me completely by surprise. I didn’t even know that I was looking for a "gang" to belong to, but there you were. And you turned out to be exactly what I needed to help me make great strides in my struggle to "crawl out from under the weight of a bunch of bad years" (part of my original blurb in my "About Me" section.) That is why I chose the picture above. I felt it captured the idea that this first year of my life in journal-land was a group effort, pieced together by all the wonderful people I have come to know and care about since I started writing here one year ago today.

Thank you all for reading. Thank you for caring. Thank you for making this day a special milestone for me.

Lisa :-]

PS--As a "Birthday Gift," would someone please give me instructions on how to wrap text around pictures?  Everybody else seems to know how to do this, but it's frustrating the h**l out of me...


  1. Happy birthday Lisa.........  :)

    When I started I had no ides that I needed to belong either...but alas, I really did and you are one of those lovely people that makes me feel that I do.  Where is the Columbia Basin fairgrounds?  Fair from he Tri-cities?

    I am glad to have you be part of my gang too.

    (Thanks for the spelling correction, did you know that Einstien couldn't spell either?)   LMAO!

  2. Happy Birthday to a TERRIFIC journal!

  3. Happy Journal Birthday to You. I am so glad you decided to share your thoughts, your ideas, your rants, your world with us.  I love your graphic, I might have to steal it when my Journal birthday comes up.!!!!

  4. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY LISA!!!  (or is it a birthday?)  Anyway, so glad you decided to journal.  You've mellowed just a tad since I first began reading you.  I enjoy your journal emmensely.  Hope the rest of the weekend is better for you workwise!

  5. :::sniff - sniff:::: This was so beautiful. You've grown so much in a year. Our little Lisa has become a toddler. ;-)

    Congrats. I'm glad you're a part of my journaling community. See, I think each of us as individuals have our very own community. After all, it's not like we all read and know everyone elses readers. And, there are so many more out there that have their own thing going on. It all depends on what interests you and what you bump in to. It really is a great experience inspite of the bullshit.

    Crossing my fingers for yah, that this event is a good one. :-) ---Robbie

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday Dear Journal....and many more!  So glad I found you and your author!  Keep up the great work!  Hugs, Lisa

  7. Happy Journal Birthday!  Has anyone told you how to wrap the text yet?  Here goes how I learned. When your entry is all typed in, including the picture link.  In the top left corner where the choices are TEXT or HTML, click on to the HTML. You will see what looks like gibberish.  Find your picture URL, like the example I am giving below: jpg” >

    Notice at the end it has quotation marks then that greater than sign, well depending whether you want the text on the left side of the picture or the right you do this: jpg”align=right> jpg”align=left>

    Do not disturb the spacing, just squeeze in align=left or align=right.  Also do not check out it looks while you are still in HTML, for some reason I mess it up every time if I do.  After you put one of those codes in, switch back to view TEXT and see if you like it.  If you do not, if it is left and you want it right, go back to HTML and change it.  However if you do not like the spacing, do that in TEXT.  

    Note: I only spaced before the .jpg so it would not link here.

  8. Well it still linked, just instead of the picture it linked to a dead space.  Sorry!

  9. Happy Journal Birthday! :-)

  10. Perfect graphic!  This J-Land is about people celebrating people-- especially people who can invite us into their "world" with tasty words.  
    Icing on the cake!
    Congrats on the milestone! (again)  And how utterly cool that you and Marcy and the hubses have met (again)!  
    Yeah, I am definitely stealing this picture...

  11. I see in your entry above that you figured out the text wrapping I won't reexplain it!  Happy Anniversary!  I've been journaling for 3 months already, and I'm amazed at the direction my journal has it has a mind of it's own, LOL.........I never know what will be written next.......the entire process amazes me, the people I met, the inspirations I've had.......everything!  The community aspect is the best though.....that surprised me the most.......everyone has been soooooooooooooo nice.  Wow!  I feel so lucky to be here.  Here's to another year for you!  


  12. Hi Lisa,
    How fantastic that your journal is 1 year old. Great job! I hope to be journaling and writing back and forth with you in year as well. Thank you for always visiting my journal and being so encouraging about everything!!


  13. So cool!  I like knowing you are out there, too.

  14. That is a perfect image for a journal birthday.  I know I'm a week late (WAAAAAAY behind) but HAPPT BIRTHDAY!  I'm so glad you opened the box Lisa.  The gang wouldn't be the same without you.

  15. Well, talk about my being behind....

    But I'm glad that you're happy about the year of journaling. I imagine you've touched a lot of people with the things you've shared. :-)