Monday, March 14, 2005

An Example of The Republican Smoke and Mirrors Act

Go here--  for an example of exactly the kind of damage the Republcan Party is hoping to sneak through while we are all focused on the Social Security question. This is marigolds2's well-written post about the new tactic the Republicans have decided upon to push through oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  Yet another example of the Republicans' determination to enact legislation that is neither popular with nor good for the American people, but is extremely popular with and good for the oil industry, of which our esteemed president is a (s)pawn...


  1. Every chance I get I send a petition to our politicians encouraging them to stay away from the
    Alaskan National Wioldlife Refuge. I belong to Care2enviroment and have info sent to me all the time so I can stay up on it. When will D.C. remember we are trustees of nature not Masters?????

  2. I am not real good with political issues and to be honest I have never really paid attention which I know isn't good.


  3. I commented to Joe not long ago that it was coming soon...I hate it when I am right like this.

  4. Hi Lisa-
    Thank you for this informative post. You just continue to show how stupid the people that voted for this "man" must be feeling about right now. So glad that I'm not in that group.


  5. well, this is all very interesting....~JerseyGirl