Thursday, March 17, 2005

Score Another One For Mr. Smith

Senate Kills All Medicaid Cuts From Budget

by Alan Fram AP

Vote Deals Embarrassing Blow to Bush, Republican Leaders

"WASHINGTON (March 17) – The Senate voted Thursday to strip all proposed Medicaid cuts from the $2.6 trillion budget for next year, killing the heart of the plan’s deficit reduction and dealing an embarrassing setback to President Bush and Republican leaders.

"The amendment, whose chief sponsor was moderate Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore., was approved 52-48 after days of heavy lobbying by both sides."

Looks like Oregon’s junior senator IS a human being…


  1. Well that's great news!


  2. Yeah, and I think he voted against drilling in the ANWAR too.:-)

  3. Hi Lisa-


  4. Now we know what the true cost of compromise is -- losing the arctic to the oil industry in exchange for the health of the poor and indigent.

    Sux to be us.

  5. Hoooray! I used to do medical social work and helped medically needy patients qualify for Medicaid. I know firsthand that this program is literally a life saver for people I assisted in the past.

  6. I was shocked when I read Mr. Smith voted against Prisident Bush.  Maybe there is hope for him yet .

  7. Cutting Medicaid was the HEART of their deficit deduction? Oh good grief!! These people have no clue. No clue whatsoever! Bush will bankrupt this country just like he did the private companies that he worked for prior to politics.
    :-( ---Robbie