Thursday, August 3, 2006

What's happening in five minute sound bites...

Just in case anyone out there is wondering how it’s going… I thought I would set the timer on my watch and give myself exactly five minutes to write…stream of consciousness..about what’s been going on.

I’ve discovered that under normal circumstances, caffeine (which I had all but quit five years ago) gives me a pleasant buzz, makes me chatty and friendly, and generally improves my mood and sociability. However, when I am stressed, rushed, and dangerously sleep deprived, caffeine turns me into the bitchiest harpy that ever walked. I have no patience, I throw things, I drop things, I say stupid things, and I just about burst into tears at the slightest provocation. Note to self: Quit caffeine. As soon as I can stop long enough to figure out how to do that…

After ten years away from the customer service game, I have come to realized that customers have not changed. They will come to the restaurant in large, noisy groups when we are under-staffed. They will want whatever we just ran out of, even if we haven’t sold one of (whatever) in the last five months. They will beat on the doors when they are locked, but will not venture to show their faces during normal business hours. These are parts of the Credo of the Customer that I have long been aware of. The trick is to make them think you are understaffed, unprepared, or closed…just to get them to come in. What?????

Oh, well, my five minutes are up, and I haven’t written anything of great import. I considered doing an audio entry…I may yet, if I can figure out houw to do it in ten seconds or less. But once you all hear my voice, you’ll probably stay away in droves. Just like the customers.

See ya sometime…


  1. Not bad for five minutes. And I'll add-they will call during your break. Even if the phone hasn't rung for three hours. Or just as the computer is powering down. It's one of the rules. Didn't you see that one? Page 37, paragraph 3, sub paragraph 2, Section C. LOL


  2. I've been wondering about you and glad you dropped in.  Brevity works just fine; good to know you're still alive and kicking!

  3. So good to get an update, however harried.  Good luck with the caffeine and the customers.  We'll be thinking of you and still sending positive energy your way.

  4. Wow.  Took a lot less time to read than to post ... and so glad you did.  If your hurried life is an indication that your restaurant is going well, well, ggggggggggreat!

  5. So.....?  It sounds like maybe it's going great!  I'm thinking I'll be there in mid-October.

  6. I have been wondering how it was going....and I figured you were swamped!

    When I had my own business, I often thought it would be just GREAT....if I didn't need customers.

  7. So glad to read the updates.