Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Anybody Got Some Bread And Cheese....?

The bed is calling. A siren song increasing in pitch…until I am hardly aware of anything else. But the keyboard calls, too. A lower, softer, but more insistent call. It’s calling me to…whine.

What a day. What a week…what a last several months, in fact.

Days like today make me despair of ever finding my stride as an entrepreneur. There is a list  as long as my driveway of things that need to be addressed. That have needed to be addressed ever since I walked through the doors of that café as the prospective owner four months ago. Some things that seemed ever-so-important three months ago—things like trying to keep my house in order, or making sure the dog gets exercised every day, or keeping up with the Weight Watchers program—have become such unimaginable fantasies that they have fallen right off the forty-foot list. Only to be replaced by ten or twenty items needing more urgent attention. My world is completely out of control. And for someone like me, to whom some might refer as a control freak, this is anything but okay.

When I walked through the door of the restaurant this morning, I was immediately sprayed in the face with shit that was already hitting the fan; and for the next seven hours, without so much as a potty break, I soldiered on, head bent, into the teeth of that excrement-laden gale. All my plans for a productive day, for a day where I would have the chance to address at least one of the items on the forty-foot "to-do" list, bit the big one once again. Even the healthy food I had packed into my satchel before I left the house this morning never made it to its intended target. Breakfast was a piece of cheese bread made by mistake, thrown down my gullet instead of into the trash can. Lunch was half an apple—the half that was approximately a cup more than I needed for my curry salad.

Every night, I swear that I cannot continue to run this business by the seat of my pants. So I plan a productive, serene, in-control day for the morrow. Then reality hits me square in the face when I roll out of bed the next day. And there I am, swinging around by my back-pocket seams once again.

One step forward, two steps back would feel like amazing progress. I can’t buy a step forward; every time I lift my foot, I get blown back a half a mile.

Done griping now. Time for sleep.


  1. It sounds like a typical entrepreneur thing to me. hang in there. Looking forward to when the chain hits the Mid-West!

  2. Hang in there I am sure things can only get better ~ Ally

  3. Do you have an assistant manager?? It sounds like you need to put someone else in charge of things for a few days and get some things done. You make me scared to delve into the business myself. Yikes!! Hang in there :)
    Michelle :)

  4. Lisa, just reading the description of your days lately exhausts me.  I can't imagine living through them.  Before I clicked on the comments, I was thinking of some assistant help too.  I know you want to succeed in this endeavor--I and your friends want you to as well--but this all sounds like so much for one little person to handle alone.  Isn't there someone who could help you with all that there is to do?

  5. Don't be afraid to let it all hang out here. If nothing else we've got broad shoulders. I wish there was something we could do to help. Just hang in there sounds so trite.


  6. Sounds like you had a horrible day, and yet, I envy you - a little. Too funny that you pack your lunch to take with you to a - restaurant. LOL! I hope you catch a break soon! :-) ---Robbie

  7. oh sweetie....


  8. {{{{HUGE HUG}}}}  I know.