Sunday, October 29, 2006


I had my hand on the front door knob this morning, about to launch myself into another day at the café…when I realized I had forgotten to turn the clocks back, and it was really an hour too early to go to work. Crap! I squandered a golden opportunity to recover an hour of the five hundred hours of sleep I’ve lost in the last four months. That’s just the way things are going lately…

So, I decided to pack up the ‘puter, take it to work with me and spend and hour ensconced on my lovely new leather sofa catching up with the blog world. When life hands you a lemon…


  1. ... make lemonade or ... squeeze the hell out of it.

  2. I did the same thing today Lisa.  I woke up naturally and started my day.  About an hour and half into it, I realized what time it really was.  But in my case, I was just delighted that I gained an extra hour in my day!

  3. My body clock goes off at 5:30.  With my gut not knowing that daylight time is over, I got my extra hour of blog time too.

  4. When did you become a lemonade maker? I barely recognize you these days. LOL! Just kidding! Glad you made good use of that new sofa.

  5. LOL...

    I am your only lazy friend...

    I SLEPT.

    I DID.