Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Rummy Quits!!?!!?!

You all thought my political fire had been smothered under the worries and woes of my newly chosen lifestyle, didn't you... 

Honestly, I didn’t let myself get too excited one way or the other about this election. I filled out my ballot, dropped it into the slot at City Hall, dusted off my hands and forgot about it. I figured things were going to go however they were going to go, and I have neither the time nor the energy to obsess about it.

I kept half an eye on the election results last night. “Dems take the House…” No particular surprise there, hard as they have tried NOT to take advantage of Republican vulnerability. “Senate Too Close to Call…” Hmmm…a little more interesting, but still not earth-shaking. What with recounts and such, I imagine we can expect not to know the final tally for at least a couple of months.

And then I logged on to the internet to pay a bill and…lo and behold! I saw it! THE news. (Possibly the only news that could induce me to do a wild happy dance today, burdened as I am with the trials and tribulations of the fledgling entrepreneur helplessly watching her customers queue up at the doors of the newest restaurant in our small town.)


Finally… FINALLY, I feel as if the blight of tremendous evil is lifting from this land.

So here I am, popping up from the fogs of political “hiatus” to add my voice to the chorus:

Hallelujah and holy s**t!


  1. Are you refering to the ousting of Rumsfeld?
    Michelle :)

  2. My reaction was "what the f*&k!" You have to be kidding. Watching the news conferance on the news, it was like "how did anyone ever take these two seriously."It's like we've been drugged  and are finally coming out of it. Yaaaaay!


  3. I couldn't believe my eyes.  I know I'd just heard that he was on the team until the bitter end.  What a flip flop.  I wonder what happens next!

  4. Your last line, in reverse order, were my exact words when I found out about Rummy!

  5. It has been such a totally delightful week, including what looks like the defeat of a gay marriage ban amendment to the AZ Constitution (though probably because of some really ridiculous baggage tacked onto it).  I keep pinching myself.