Thursday, March 15, 2007

Back to the Usual Fare

Now that I’ve chased everyone away with a couple entries that spotlight my, shall we call it "spiritual ambiguity"… I think it’s time for a more traditional "Ten Things" list. I’m wondering, though, if these are ten good things, or just things I wanted to write about but I’m so tired I can hardly form a coherent thought…

  1. Another Sunday off! And this makes, what, five or six in a row? Can I finally say I have enough of my shit in one sock that I can take one scheduled, predictable day off every week? It will probably jinx the whole thing to mention this, but things might be (dare I say it?) starting to gel at the café. I have employees who are happy, motivated, and enjoy their jobs. I can take a day off without wondering what kind of damage control I’ll be performing for days afterward. I always knew this day would come, but it seemed for awhile as if I wasn’t going to physically make it to this point. Hallelujah and pass the rolaids…
  2. On the subject of the day off, we took Ms. Dog for another walk on the dike, and were treated to sightings of both our eagles, and possibly a third (which I think was a young eagle, since it looked the same basic shape and size, but lacked the white head and tail.) This time, one of the eagles was being very vocal. Quite a piercing, wild sound, the call of the eagle resounding up and down the length of the channel. Gave me goosebumps.
  3. After our walk, we headed back to our restaurant for lunch. Weather was pleasant, and we had the dog with us, so we sat out on the sidewalk. How odd it is to be a small-town business owner and a total introvert at the same time. We have lived in this town for almost six years and literally do not even know our own neighbors by name. But, there we were, sitting out in front of the café, and getting honks and waves as regular customers driving by recognized and hailed us. Not something I’ve ever experienced, or ever thought I would. Just goes to show, even when you’re older than dirt, life can throw in a few surprises if you open yourself up to it…
  4. In the course of an employee performance appraisal today, the "appraisee" went on at length about how much she enjoys working at the café. She remarked that the crew and management are so nice, and everyone gets along so well, and everyone is so willing to help. And that the customers seem genuinely happy to be there and to be having a good time. Did that ever crack a smile somewhere deep in my soul! The trials and pitfalls of buying this restaurant and dealing with the horrific staff issues have had me questioning everything from my management skills to my worth as a human being. To have someone say in so many words that they think MY restaurant is a great place to work probably added ten years back on to my life. <BOSEG> (BIG Old Shit Eating Grin…)
  5. Between the unwelcome time change and a turn in the weather, it’s obvious spring is truly on its way to the Columbia Valley. Daffodils are smiling, camellias are bursting forth, the flowering apples, cherries and plums need only a few more days of sun and higher temps to pop their fat buds into full bloom. Of course, I can hardly enjoy all this while steadfastly averting my eyes from the ever-lengthening grass and burgeoning population of weeds I barely encounter in my poor yard between twelve-hour stints at the restaurant. I have no idea how we are going to keep the property from looking like an abandoned rental this summer… The husband and I spent an hour yesterday searching for a little scrap of paper that had been stuck under our front door, touting the reasonably priced landscaping attentions of "Manuel." Surely small businesses keep the economy turning by creating work for one another!
  6. We have another event coming up this weekend which will require my absence from the restaurant for three days. I’m so tired, I barely have the energy to pack…but can I say how much I’m looking forward to the break? Poor hubs will be stuck at home on café duty, though. We could sure use an actual communal vacation.
  7. I ordered a pair of shoes from QVC. J
  8. Bought fabric and trim for curtains at the café. Now all I need is someone to sew them for me ( I SUCK at sewing.)
  9. Can you tell I’m falling asleep? My "things" are getting shorter and shorter…

  10. I posted the first piece of decent, thoughtful writing I’ve wrung out of my head since before we bought the restaurant. Of course, no one read it… Seems like our little blogosphere is doing the shrinking act again. In just the past few weeks, several more people have thrown in the towel. It’s gettin’ kinda lonely around these parts…
  11. 2008 is getting closer and closer. All good things come to an end; and thankfully, so do the bad ones. And the end can’t come to soon for the Bush Administration. What a toilet of stupidity and arrogance!

Okay. I’m all done for tonight. Sweet dreams!




  1. The news about the cafe is wonderful.  Lucky me, I can literally picture the two of you eating outside.  And hey, I'm reading!

  2. No one read what????

    Cool beans on #4!!!

  3. I am glad the rest. is doing better. I knew you could do it. WTG on the 10 things. I think I need to start with taht again.
    It may be shrinking but I have expanded. LOL i now have 2 journals.

  4. I read, though I don't comment much, I don't have a journal myself. Sheila

  5. And Lucy probably thought all the hand waving and honking was for her. Some sort of dog lover's convention. Saw an osprey on the way home from work today. Over the train yard of all places.


  6. I've been waiting for this one!  Yay, you!  I'm so glad to read about things settling at the restaurant.  Heck, who knows, you may even start getting some sleep, or can you imagine it -- play time.  I'll always read you, even when I'm too tired to make a cogent comment.  Hope your event goes well.

  7. I've been reading, too, and tried to comment but my computer, like me, is 'mature' and wouldn't cooperate for a short time.  (This is also my 2nd attempt at this comment, but I hit some key by mistake and it disappeared, but if you get a fragment, then this one, you'll know why. I'm really tired right now, too!)  
    These are not ten good things, they are ten GRAND things.  Put a BOSEG on MY face!

  8. I love this list, especially #'s 3 and 4...shoot, I love the whole thing.

    I'm glad all your hard work is coming to fruition...


  9. Who threw in the towel?  I have stumbled into a whole bunch of ex-Aol's at Blogger alive and well and it is sweet. Love the list. It put a BOSEG on my face too!

  10. I'm still's just been crazy.  I'll get caught up with you tonight.

    How many windows do you have?  I sew.....