Friday, March 2, 2007

Happy March

I decided to post something pretty, because today was SO not.  You name it, it sucked. 

The weather.  My employees.  My health.  Sales.  All pretty much sucked the grand wazoo today.

But in the immortal words of Scarlett O'Hara, "Tomorrow is  another day." 

And it would be hard pressed to suck as bad as this one. 

There's something to look forward to... :P



  1. {{{{{{{{{{{Lisa}}}}}}}}}}}}What do you mean, your health?

  2. Your health?  Oh, pray tell it's allergies or a cold only.  Life does just plain suck some days Lisa.  But still we humans persist, move forward, keep a stiff upper lip.  And all that BS.  

    Beautiful crocus and if that's in your yard I'm a bit envious.

    Be better today.  

  3. I do love Scarlett O'Hara!!!  You hang in there girl!  Hugs,

  4. Hope tomorrow will be a better day for you :o) ~ Ally

  5. Now you've got us all worried about your health Lisa.

    Please say it's something nagging and inconvenient and not something serious.

    Thanks for the little peek at spring.

  6. Your crocus looks much prettier than the soggy ones in the front yard. Your health? You can't drop a grenade like that and not have us wondering. I agree on the weather. Cold and wet is interesting and even a little fun in November. By March 1, just please go AWAY. Let us know how you're doing.


  7. ((((((((((((((((Lisa)))))))))))))))))))  Ditto Robin...what do you mean, your health?

  8. The pic is great! I forgot that you used to post such lovely pics here before. It's been a while!

    Here's hoping the sucking sucked all the sucky away and things are much better today! :-)